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How is the Super Bowl received up in Canada ?

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  • How is the Super Bowl received up in Canada ?

    Some sports fans in the United States will watch the Stanley Cup finals. Usually just hockey fans though, as many sports fans here in the states do not even follow hockey. But EVERYONE watches the Super Bowl. Whether you're a football fan or not, there are parties galore here in the states. How are the people in Canada when it comes to the Super Bowl ? Is it a "national holiday" like it is here, or is it just another ho-hum kind of event ?

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    ZZZZZzzzzzzzz except for the half time show-not that there is anything wrong with that


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      The NFL has it's hardcore fans up here but mostly fantasy players and gamblers. fan base does seem to be dwindling in recent years.
      I go to a Super Bowl party every year. Same group of 16 guys, give or take. Not one watches football and I'd say a third ask who's playing when they walk in. Pretty funny crew for a super bowl party.
      We do pools which is the only reason most pay attention to the game. Our gracious host has a very large, beautiful home with all kinds of toys in the basement. Pinball, pool table, gitoni and a theater room.
      And the best part is a ton of great food and wine. I'm in!!


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        I am pretty blown away by these first two replies because where I come from everybody is all in for the superbowl as so for the regular season, the CFL is non existent around here and id say football is as popular as hockey .Of course we are heavily influenced by the Detroit market and after watching the Lions the past 60 years I have to go for therapy after every season,long suffering and will never live long enough to see the light of day.i hope I never made anyone cry but it is what it is!


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          Being that Toronto can sell out baseball games really well, I'm not surprised there are segments of Canada where football is very popular. I've heard the Red Sox are pretty popular in Nova Scotia, and I've heard that southern Ontario has a decent amount of Bills fans.

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        Out West, it is still a big deal, although not as big as the Grey Cup. Bars advertise, it's on radio, and people generally take an interest. Safe to say in Canada, there are more hockey fans than football fans.

        Viewership is certainly down for NFL games. I believe I read down 20% in the last two years. I believe the numbers are the same here in Canada for NFL, and slightly less for CFL. Both certainly have their pockets of interest, and us football fans are as certainly passionate as any other fans of NFL fans in the US, or hockey fans here. There are just way less of us that deem football as our number one preferred sport.

        I think being a one game event makes it easier to watch as appointment television. My recollection is if you look at the ratings, you'll typically see about 4-5 million for a Super Bowl, and slightly higher for the Grey Cup. In comparison, the average Stanley Cup final game, unless your team is involved, has somewhat less interest and viewership. To me, a lot of that has to do with the time of year. Once the first round of NHL playoffs are done, interest wanes. Add in the fact most of us have been cooped up for the winter, staying in and watching hockey in late May and June is less appealing. Watching football in November, December, and January is easier when people tend to stay indoors a little more. Myself, come June my hockey is done, and I'm out on my bike or hitting a golf ball.

        These numbers are done by memory, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong (someone will ).


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          Sorry for being very late to this thread but there are a ton of NFL fans here in Winnipeg. I, and many others, bleed purple for the Minnesota Vikings. In fact, many Manitobans have Vikings season tickets. That muscular guy with all of the Vikings makeup and gear that gets shown on every Vikings TV game is a Winnipegger.

          The Packers also have a large fan base here (and everywhere). A friend of mine is a proud shareholder, complete with ownership certificate, in the publicly owned Packers. Just off the top of my head I also know fans of the Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys, Saints, Giants, Dolphins, Lions, Falcons and 49ers.

          The Blue Bombers, and the CFL in general, are very popular here but I don't think the NFL is far behind, if at all.


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            I used to live in Buffalo, NY. The Bills games were always very well attended by folks from Ontario and Toronto in particular. A lot of fans came across the bridge. Especially in the '90s when Buffalo kept going to the Super Bowl.