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POLL: Brady vs. Montana + a look at their rookie cards

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  • POLL: Brady vs. Montana + a look at their rookie cards

    Since Brady won his 5th Superbowl title, there has been a lot of discussion as to who the best QB of all-time is. Brady is 5-2 in the Superbowl and Montana is 4-0. I was born in the 80s, so I never got to see Montana play. Who would you vote for and why? Vote at the bottom of the post.

    Now let's take a look at their rookie cards. I believe Brady might have around 5 rookies, but here is his best one IMO:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2000-SP-Authentic-Tom-Brady-RC-213x300.jpg
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ID:	4273

    2000 SP Authentic # 118

    The awesome part is that only 1250 copies were printed. This card will always be expensive due to this reason. Can you imagine how expensive the Jim Brown rookie would be if only 1250 examples existed?
    Click image for larger version

Name:	JoeMontanaRC.jpg
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Size:	34.2 KB
ID:	4274

    1981 Topps # 216

    A beautiful-looking card. I love the shot they got of Montana and the design is nice as well. The biggest problem is that Topps made a TRILLION of them! Why did they have to do this? Nevertheless, a PSA 10 can go for as high as $20,000 USD.
    a) Tom Brady
    b) Joe Montana
    c) Other
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    The only reason I voted Brady is because he does it with a relatively different team every time (receivers, TE's, D). Montana had a core that didn't change too much, great RB's and Rice.


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      Good point

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    I voted other. That SP Tom Brady is not his best rookie. It's the most overvalued modern football card there is


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      Brady actually has 40 different rookie cards. If you take those 40 and multiply by the print run, you probably get as many copies as the Montana.

      I love the SP Authentic - it's probably my favorite modern card due to the design. There are a couple reasons it is so valuable: in the 90's and early 2000's SP Authentic (or just SP) was the top brand for rookie cards. It is also the Brady card used in the PSA registry (because of the popularity of the SP brand). Obviously Brady is part of or will be part of a number of sets (HOF RC's, All-Time QB's, Super Bowl MVP's, etc) and thus the PSA registry people have to have one. It has become an iconic card and will remain one, even if Brady's other RC's decline after he retires.

      And there's no question Brady > Montana at this point. If you think winning 4 Super Bowls and losing 0 is better than winning 5 and losing 2, you're arguing that it is better to lose earlier in the playoffs or not even make the playoffs than to make it to the Super Bowl and come up short. No athlete or fan would prefer the former. In fact, many players receive credit just for leading their teams to championship games, so Brady deserves some credit even for the years the Patriots fell to the Giants. 5 Super Bowls, 4 Super Bowl MVP's, architect of the greatest Super Bowl comeback ever...the debate is over.


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        Voted for Brady as I agree with many facts stated above.


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          These are the best two QB's of all time when it comes to rallying from behind. Joe Montana played his last bowl game in college against Houston in Dallas. He had the flu, and it was a raw, cold day after a huge ice storm. Houston was winning 34-12 going into the 4th quarter. What I saw Joe Montana do was amazing, and he continued it in the NFL.


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            Never having been a huge Brady fan, it pains me to say. It's pretty amazing what that team has accomplished, considering their history as the Boston Patriots. Hell, Jim Plunkett had to leave there to win anything (a Super Bowl) with the Raiders.

            Given all the stats, and arguments, I have to say I don't think I've ever seen a more accurate passer anywhere. Whether he guns it, or touches it in, the accuracy is unparalleled. Plus, as mentioned, he does it with so many different guys. He has taken what would be deemed average receivers (Moss and Gronk excepted) and increased their stats to almost being a star. See guys like Welker, Branch, Lloyd, Amendola, and Vereen, to name a few.

            I'm biased to Montana as a card, because I simply don't collect anything from this century. I remember in the day I had four centered Montana RC's, which is a tough thing to find; they were always o/c R-L. I also had all four stolen out of a market where I had consigned them.