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How Many Grey Cup Rings Did This Guy Win in 2001?

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  • How Many Grey Cup Rings Did This Guy Win in 2001?

    As a football and CFL fan, I'm always on the lookout for pieces of interest. While I don't own any championship rings, I was certainly interested in this one (at a decent price) in this auction:

    Given the Goldin site crash, I decided to wait until Sunday to decide if I should make a bid.

    However, that same day I stumble upon this baby:

    Both have LOA's from Prior, and strangely have different boxes.

    While I haven't really looked at each ring in detail, it does cause one to go "Hmmmm..."

    Any thoughts or insight into the boxes or rings would certainly be appreciated.


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    Hi Bob,
    One of Prior's rings was sold in Classic's November 2011 auction, link is below. The ring had originally been included in the March 2011 auction but it was withdrawn when it was discovered that there was a second ring owned by a collector. They apparently confirmed with Prior that 2 rings had been ordered as noted in the last line of the Nov 2011 lot description. No explanation is given as to why he ordered 2 rings and I haven't looked at any photos to see if there are any differences. Hope that helps. Rob


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      Thanks Rob!! That was the kind of explanation I was looking for.

      I posted on another site that I seemed to recall his ring was up for auction previously. You just confirmed that for me.

      Thanks for taking the time to post this, and share your knowledge. Appreciate the help.


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        No problem Bob. You know, if you come over to the dark side and become a fan of the Green and White, there are a lot fewer rings to collect. It's also much easier to remember all the Grey Cup victory years. And considering the current state of the team, there likely aren't any more rings coming anytime soon. Take care, Rob


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          Brilliant Rob. I LMAO.

          I myself ooze self-deprecating humor, and use it far too often. If we can't laugh at ourselves, we have no right to laugh at others.

          You made my day!!! Thanks...


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            "Self-deprecating humour"? You sound like you used to be a Talk-show host!!!
            Oh, wait a minute... :-p