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How DIFFICULT are the Dixon Pencils?

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  • How DIFFICULT are the Dixon Pencils?

    There seems to be a lot of confusion as to how difficult some of these Dixon Co. pencils really are. I've heard people say things like "the Maple Leafs are easy to get" and this is not quite accurate. Also, the Ron Stewart pencil, for example, is very difficult to acquire. The George Armstrong is tough, but not as easy as the Gerry James. This is why I have decided to put these pencils into three separate categories. The first group is in the green section. These pencils are easy to acquire and frequently show up on eBay. The second group, which is the yellow box, is more challenging. And finally, the pencils in the red section are extremely difficult to find. It could take years to find them.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1955-57 Dixon Co. Maple Leafs Chart.jpg
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    I am in the process of completing the Montreal Canadiens chart. However, I am still gathering more data. Once it is done, I will upload it on this thread.

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    Great job. I agree with your assessment and categorization. Lets do the same for the Canadiens. Even though some Canadiens pencils are easier to find, I don't think any of the Habs pencils should be in the green category.


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      I've seen several Lumleys...might be first category. On the fence about Thompson. Might be same. Great categorizations...very interesting.


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        I agree with the categories and with Erle's comment on the Canadiens


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          Since I got hooked on these pencils, I have not seen a single Lumley listed on eBay. I have seen over a hundred Chadwicks though. Do you think they should belong in the same category, Hart? The Lumley is not easy, but not extremely difficult either. For now it will remain the middle.

          Yes, I do see what you mean about the Thompson though. I myself wasn't a hundred percent sure when I put it in the middle. The thing is, I just don't see it that frequently like the greens. For now it will remain in the middle. However, if I do notice any changes, then I'll move it.

          I was also a little uncertain when I placed the Migay in the middle. It's definitely very tough. I might move it to the reds one day, but for now let's leave it the way it is.

          Here is the Canadiens chart:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	1955-57 Dixon Co. Montreal Canadiens Chart.jpg
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          The Maurice Richard is the most easiest to locate. So far I have seen ten of them, if not more. The reason for this is obvious: Maurice was a hockey God by the time these pencils were released and not everybody wanted to put him through the sharpener! Anyhow, despite him being easy to find, he still doesn't belong in the greens (you guys are right).


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            Interesting...didn't know Lumleys were so tough. Seen some. Had an easy time getting mine.