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    A good buddy of mine, who posts on this forum from time-to-time, has made a big discovery: last week he purchased a group of 1955-57 Dixon Co. hockey pencils and in the lot contained an Eric Nesterenko, which has never before been documented. Here it is:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Nesterenko_Dixon.jpg
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    Eric Nesterenko played with the Maple Leafs until the spring of 1956, and then got sent to the Blackhawks organization. He went on to play with them until the 71-72 season. He is also known for his alteration with Willie O'Ree, the first black person to play in the NHL. When O'Ree visited the Blackhawks one night in 1961, Nesterenko began calling him the "N-word" and then took the butt-end of his stick and rammed Willie in his face, which resulted in a broken nose and missing front teeth. In response to this, Willie hit Nesterenko over his head with his stick. Nesterenko later required 15 stitches to close the wound.

    The finds just keep on coming. In the past eight months, three different pencils have been discovered by three members on this forum. We now know that there are 21 different Maple Leafs and 21 different Canadiens, however, I strongly believe there are more out there. Let's keep working hard, my friends. I hope we find another one soon!

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    Not to burst your bubble, but the Nesterenko pencil was known...has been on my want list for some time!! Tough pencil though.


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      Are there any other “known” pencils that are not listed in VHC or discussed on this Forum?

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    Well, nobody here knew about it. It's not even listed in the VHC and Bobby didn't know about it either.

    It's interesting though because these pencils came from a guy who doesn't live too far from you - was the Nesterenko a regional issue? Hmmmm

    Hart, please send me your list. You might know about some pencils that aren't in the VHC.



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      Mentioned the Nesterenko to Fred a couple weeks back...


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        There are people here who are familiar with that pencil. Rare though.


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          Originally posted by hart2004 View Post
          There are people here who are familiar with that pencil. Rare though.
          It just looks like there are guys on this forum who are collecting these pencils, but at the same time they are staying quiet about it. Kind of like this raccoon here:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	raccoon.jpg
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          I'm the complete opposite though. If I want something, I tell the whole world about it. This is how I managed to get my hands on some of the best stuff very quickly. You can't work alone in this hobby, man. I just think that if all the pencil collectors got together, then we'd be able to get things done much faster.


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            So with the variations there are 45 pencils total + the 2 sleeves

            21 regular issue Leafs (see VHC + Cahan and Nesterenko)
            20 regular issue Habs (see VHC)
            2 black stripe issue Habs (Beliveau and MacPherson)
            1 mistake name vs photo Habs (Boom Boom/Beliveau)
            1 1958 convention player not colored

            I would think that the regular issue MacPherson is out there somewhere!


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              There's another one for the want list.


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                Oh dear, Fred is here

                I have a problem with you calling the "1958 Convention pencil" a part of the set, because it isn't.

                For those of you who aren't sure what we're talking about, take a look at the following image:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	achats 4.jpg
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                The pencil on the top is the one Fred is referring to. It says Convention "C.A.H.A. 1958" on it. These pencils were probably given out during a Canadian Amateur Hockey Association event held back in 1958. It has nothing to do with the main set.


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                  Puck I never said it was part of "the set". The word set wasn't mentionned once in this entire tread!

                  All I said is there are 45 known pencils. It is the same style of pencil, made by the same company, from the same era, has a Montréal Canadiens player on it. So I think it is relevant to the discussion and most people collecting Dixon pencils would want one of these in there collection if they could...


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                    Well Fred, you did kind of lump everything together in your post.

                    This thread is about the 1955-57 Dixon Co. hockey pencils that was available to the public. I don't care about any other pencils that Dixon Co. manufactured during this period. Let's not try to mix things up here and confuse collectors.

                    Oh, and if you had accepted my offer for the Canadiens lot, I would have put that Convention pencil through my sharpener.