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PSA Higher Rejection Rate

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  • PSA Higher Rejection Rate

    Hello my grumpy friends,

    I recently got my cards back from PSA and I wasn't too pleased. A couple of the high-end ones got rejected (N5 qualifier). Now it's not as if they were NM-MT or anything like that; they were VG+ with a couple of wrinkles and I was not expecting this outcome at all. I lost about $200 in grading fees - f**k!

    I spoke with a big dealer who frequently submits to PSA and he told me he noticed that more cards are getting rejected recently. Does anyone on here think this might be due to the Gary Moser scandal? Perhaps this whole thing freaked the graders out and now they are rejecting more cards.

    Is there anyone on here who recently got their cards back from PSA? Any rejections that you did not expect?

    Thank you

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    Post pics of the rejected ones you thought were good?


    • strohman
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      Yeah Puck That--post some pics. I'm really curious about this N5 qualifier. It's a first for me!

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    They are rejecting cards so people can re submit them, this way PSA makes more money for there share holders LOL


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      What is a N5 qualifier? I have been patiently waiting for my 100+ card submission for 110 business days now


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        Pressed card


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          I haven't heard of that one before! I assume people press a card to remove a crease?
          Doesn't PSA know that pressing a card is all part of "conservation?"


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            Just got my cards back from PSA. All came back graded other than 3 items which were N6 minsize. I am baffled as a two 74-75 OPC's came back minsize and are less than 1/64" short side to side. This is well within their guidelines. All edges have factory rough cuts as well. Also the length is actually oversize slightly. The other was 1/32" short long with factory edging. Is this a start of a new trend whereby they do not allow any undersize cards? Thoughts.


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              Guess they are closing the gate now that all the horses have run away


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                I didn't understand the PSA No Grade codes, so I did some research. This is what I found...

                When PSA returns a "No Grade" card, they have several reason codes. According to their website, the reason code determines whether or not the customer is charged an evaluation fee.

                N1 Evidence of trimming
                N2 Evidence of restoration
                N3 Evidence of recoloration
                N4 Questionable authenticity
                N5 Altered stock
                N7 Evidence of cleaning

                NO GRADE, PSA FEES NOT CHARGED...
                N6 Minimum size requirement
                N8 Miscut by the manufacturer
                N9 Obscure issue or not fitting in PSA holder

                The logic is that the first several need a review by PSA authenticators and graders and the later ones don't. That being said, I'm surprised by N8 not being charged. It would seem you'd need a grader to determine whether it's N8 or N1. But, then, I'm no grader.