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2005-06 UD The Cup Sidney Crosby Auto RC FAKE PATCH!

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  • 2005-06 UD The Cup Sidney Crosby Auto RC FAKE PATCH!

    This was posted on the BO Forums, but I'm not sure if all of you on here saw it.

    Some lunatic actually switched the patch on the 2005-06 UD The Cup Sidney Crosby Auto RC.

    Here is how the card originally looked:

    Here is how the card looks like now:

    This card is still up on eBay. People reached out to the seller (Probstein) about this problem and he did add the word "ALTERED" in the title. However, we all know that a card like this will always remain in circulation. One day, somebody will buy it privately and not know the history behind it.

    Again, it's just crazy how somebody could ruin the greatest modern hockey card.

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    They do this with modern cards with dark patches and put in more colorful ones. Just pointless. These people need to go to jail for what they have been doing in this industry.


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      And of course this multi colour patch is from a common card, not another Crosby card, so it is not a Crosby GUJ card anymore but an unknown player jersey glued on a Crosby card…


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        If it is actually an unknown player jersey and not just a jersey that he bought at Value Village and cut in parts... The point to get a game used jersey card is it a game used item, ugly or not, from the player on the card, otherwise it is a regular card with a piece of fabric instead of a acetate or a fancy cardboard design. Also, what do they gonna do with the real mccoy piece since there's not much to do without the card company endorsement to give it a legitimity.


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          I do not see the point of actually doing this. What use is the patch that was removed? Maybe I am missing something?


          • Billyberu
            Billyberu commented
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            So why is a multicolored patch worth more than a solid color patch? If the purpose is being "game worn" then it does not matter other than aesthetic which in my mind is ludicrous and inane.

          • HowieMorenz7
            HowieMorenz7 commented
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            I think this piece of a Jersy patch is all a crock of crap. One day it will be discovered they were not even [part of a GU Jersey. FFS it is stupid as hell to own a piece of a jersey form your favourite player. A total Waste of Money from mindless collectors of hype and gotta have created by smart marketing personnel of the card industry. Limited edition??/ LOL

          • Billyberu
            Billyberu commented
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            HowieMorenz7....I agree!

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          I agree with the vintage guys here. However, I had to buy this one just because it is just an incredible card of my favorite goalie. There is not a vintage card of Cheevers that I like better, outside his 67 and 68. Click image for larger version

Name:	001.JPG
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            I never liked patch cards like this, but they appear to be popular. I know that from a bidder perspective, they do appear to pay more for multi color patches. Still a terrible thing to do! The card didn't need to be altered. It was a legitimate card that would have sold for a solid amount.


            • GillesRen
              GillesRen commented
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              Any proof the patch is legitimate, Earl?
              Like Howie says, these original patchs might not belong there to begin with,
              Who knows for sure?

            • villager
              villager commented
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              The guy at my LCS once said to me that it used to be a rule of thumb that Beckett accepted to use and they now giving a multiply ratio to multi colour patch. If a patch with just one colour value is 1.00, then two colours would be 1.50 or 2.00, three colours 3.00 or something like that. That's what the story says, even I never saw any official reference in Beckett litterature and the market price has always the last word.

              Gilles: Legitimacy is based on confidence. How to be sure the patches are real? The same way the autographs are thought to be genuine or not. The choice to trust or not Upper Deck, NHLPA (Be A Player), ITG when they write on the back "This auto on the front is the real deal" or to trust or not PSA, BGS when they certify a card...

              Also, I noticed that for its old timers patch cards and based by the fabric colours, Upper Deck seems to use lots of patches coming from old-timers or HHOF jerseys or maybe practice jerseys. They say that the jersey has been used in an official NHL game, but I often try to figure what game or what type of NHL game they refer to.

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            Gilles--I'm just saying that the original black patch was legit because it likely came on the card that way. There's no way of ever proving that these patches or swatches came from game used jerseys. We are taking the card company's word for it! I have thought about that myself, but since I don't collect these types of cards, I never worried much about it. It's possible that it wasn't legit either!

            The crazy thing is, the original Crosby card with black patch would have cost thousands to begin with. Removing and replacing that patch would be risky! I'm not sure how much the value is increased by adding a multi color patch but it seems like a crazy risk to me.


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              surface 9.5, are they blind, guy put a deep scratch and dents inserting that fake patch on the bottom left of the opening


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                Good call on the surface damage Dan.
                At least BGS got the Corners grade correct!
                Here's the link to the BO thread that brought this BS to all our attention.
                Check out post #8
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                  Probstein has ended Crosby auction on Ebay, but he posted it there again as ALTERED and wants $40 000 or better offer. The listing is changed, but not the slab label ans he still try to get $40 K for a destroyed card with a fake patch. Greed? Please note that he's the same guy who charge a hundred bucks to ship a card by mail (actually registered mail, but it is still USPS)...
                  Last edited by villager; 06-12-2019, 04:03 PM.