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  • SGC crossover to PSA

    I bought some 1939 OPC cards at the Expo back in November. A guy had a full set that was SGC graded. He was trying to sell the full set, but I got him to sell me some singles. I sent them to PSA back in December and just got the crossover grades today.

    Here is how I did:
    #35 Clint Smith RC SGC 5 PSA 5
    #40 Jack Portland SGC 5 PSA 4.5
    #50 Johnny Gottselig SGC 6 PSA 5
    #85 Babe Pratt RC SGC 5 PSA 4.5
    #86 Bryan Hextall RC SGC 5 PSA 5
    #97 Frank Brimsek RC SGC 6 PSA 6
    #98 Bill Cowley RC SGC 5 PSA 4.5
    #99 Bobby Bauer RC SGC 5 PSA 4.5

    Only 1 card lost a full point. Some lost .5 and some stayed the same. I'm really thrilled to get these grades! Six of these are HOF rookie cards. The Portland and Gottselig are the 2 lowest pop cards in the set, so I bought then when I had the chance.

    The best part is that one of the dealers at the Expo told me that if I sent these cards to PSA they wouldn't cross over because they had likely all been trimmed. He's kind of an arrogant guy, so that makes it even better! I'll post pics once I get them back from PSA.

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    That's good news, congrats! I bet you will buy a few more at the next show if they are still available and you makeit to Toronto...


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      Wow, you took a little risk, but you got a nice little reward. Congrats!


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        Did you crack them out, or send them in already slabbed by SGC? Did you ask for minimum grades on any?


        • strohman
          strohman commented
          Editing a comment
          I left them in the SGC slabs and asked that they be crossed over the PSA holders. I did put a minimum grade of 1 point less than the SGC grade. Of the 8 cards, 1 came back 1 point less, 2 came back .5 less and the other 4 came back the same grade. I have crossed over SGC cards in the past and usually had good luck, but that was many years ago. Also, these were not the new SGC holders. These had the grade based out of 100 along with the grade from 1 to 10. The new SGC holders are just 1-10. Not sure how they will cross over, but maybe it will be about the same.

          I figured that if a card didn't get the minimum grade from PSA, I could sell it in the SGC holder, or crack it and resubmit it raw. Luckily, I won't have to do that.