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The Yankees of Hockey

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  • The Yankees of Hockey

    I had a buddy of mine in the States recently trade me a few cards. One of the cards I got was the 1948 Leaf Stan Musial rookie. He told me that if Stan had spent his whole career with the Yankees, then his rookie would be worth way more. I completely agreed with him. There are a lot more Yankee fans and Yankee collectors out there.

    Now this got me thinking about hockey. For example, there are a lot more people out there who collect Canadiens and Maple Leafs items compared to other teams. What if Phil Esposito had spent his whole entire career with Montreal, then do you think his rookie card would be so cheap? As of today, you can purchase a PSA 8 example for under $800 USD - ouch! The same can be said about the Stan Mikita rookie and others.

    Do you feel that a certain card is undervalued because of the club the athlete played for? At the same time, do you feel that certain rookie cards are overvalued because these guys played for Montreal or Toronto?
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    Players wearing a blue, red and white jersey tend indeed to have pricier cards. It seems to be less the case with the Bruins or the Leafs. Except for Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull, I don't see that with the Wings, the Hawks or the Rangers. It can be the regional market effect too, but I am seeing out of market sellers acting the same way. I guess that the extra Habs collectors and hardcore fans make that difference.


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      Although you say you can get an Esposito RC for under $800, its hard to find that card for that price in today's market, it took me close to 2 years to find one for $800, his card has trended lower in price lately, but sellers of his card at the higher grades are far and few between..I'm certain most on this forum think his card is good value at today's pricing. Certain individual player cards from teams like the Blackhawks, Red Wings and Rangers are definitely bargains considering their accomplishments. You will always pay a premium for hockey cards with players who played for the Leafs or the Canadians. I guess its because we are hockey fanatics here in Canada, and there are less cards out there to meet demand. I don't see that trend changing any time soon.


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        Excellent posts, boys! What do the rest of you on here think? What about the 1957 Parkhurst Henri Richard? It sells for huge money in high grade (more than Phil Esposito, Keon, Mikita, etc.) But was he better than any of these guys?


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          When you look at the price of a RC, it's not only justified by the performance of the player. You have to see offer vs demand, popularity of the set, population of the card….

          For the Henri Richard RC, the fact that the card is a SP with low pop in high grade and that he is the all-time recordman with 11 Stanley Cups has an effect on the price.

          There are only 43 PSA8 and up for the Richard, but 67 Mikita, 88 Keon, and 140 Esposito...