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I am smelling a scam here...

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  • I am smelling a scam here...

    Had a zero feedback buyer win a fairly expensive item from me on eBay and he sent this to me;
    I will be paying with pre paid credit card please give me correct amount in Canadian Funds including shipping so that I can purchase the card. I do not use my credit cards for online purchases

    This smells fishy, anyone know what gives here?

    Thanks, Mike

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    Cancel the purchase Mike. Nothing but trouble


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      Ask him to pay with PayPal


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        I can't say that it's a scam, but it does give bad vibes. if the buyer can't use PayPal, he probably shouldn't be using eBay. Back in the 90's, we didn't have PayPal and everyone on eBay was sending personal checks, money orders, even cash occasionally. But eventually the scammers flocked to eBay. Now I can't imagine selling to a stranger without PayPal protection.


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          It is not worth the hassle. I don’t sell to zero feedback. No frkin way. We all have to start somewhere or with someone but not with me. Cancel the transaction. Block the bidder. Sleep well.


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            One of the main reasons I stopped to sell on Ebay: scammers and bad buyers. Your buyer sounds like one who want to pay by credit card, then chargeback when he'll get your stuff. Also, when I used to sell on Ebay, I got a new kid on the site using a prepaid card to write echecks and he succeeded to make them bounce while buying Tim Hortons base cards. I am willing to give a chance, but once bitten, twice shy.