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  • Light Recommendation

    Looking to purchase a UV light to better see cards - possibly with magnifier if it is recommended by you guys. Is there anything on or ebay that you guys would recommend? I have a junk magnifying glass with light from Staples but it isn't cutting it.

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    A magnifying glass with UV light is a black light magnifier. The true colours will be not visible. I would suggest a magifier with LED lights.


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      I don't think a uv light would help you at a show.
      I suggest something like this and a pair of glasses


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        Stop over thinking things. You've handled enough cards that you should be able to see it immediately. The fake shirriffs that psa graded are easily spotted, especially when next to a real one.


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          LOL ok you're probably right Jim!


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            I picked this up at the National years ago. A magnifier with light. The box doesn't have a company name but it is the best thing I have ever used to see cards under light close up. I can see things with this that the naked eye can't.
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              These are much better if you are examining cards at night or during a power outage. Always be prepared.
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                Those are a must for the Toronto Expo!

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              Something like these at Canada Post boutique maybe?



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                If you're going to spend thousands of dollars on cards (like most of us do on here), then you need a UV light (also known as black light) and a magnifier.

                The UV light I use was made by Rayovac and I purchased it at Lowe's last year.


                The best time to examine your collection is at night.

                I was checking out a few of my items one night, and at first I thought I was wasting my time, but then I shined it on the back of my high-grade SGC 1951 Parkhurst Gordie Howe and it took me a few seconds to realize that the damn thing was taken out of an album! I wanted to throw up! The next day I called the person who traded it to me and he took the card back. I'm lucky because he is my friend, but if this had been anyone else, then he would have told me to screw off.

                If you buy any high-grade vintage, especially the ones with sharp corners, I recommend examining them with a strong UV light. Some of them were glued into albums for decades, and this is why they look so good.

                Oh, and I forgot to mention one more thing: not all UV lights are the same! Avoid buying those cheap ones from eBay. The Rayovac I have is pretty strong and this is why I recommend it.


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                  Very good advice.

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                Thanks guys.