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Jacques Plante Mask

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  • Jacques Plante Mask

    Didnt want to out this earlier, just in case someone here was interested in it.
    I am definitely not an equipment expert but just wanted to get some opinions on this item. I will post my thoughts after some others chime in.


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    Much rather have a Patrick Roy or Carey Price mask instead of that one, but to each their own. Don't know enough about it to give an opinion.


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      I've been watching it and contacted them.The story doesn't work.

      1- Never saw Plante wear that one and no photomatch.

      2- A goalie that is traded doesn't throw his mask in the garbage, especially Plante who was very conservative. He would bring his mask to his new team locker and continue to use it in practice, just like his skates, sticks… All generic Equipment not identified to the former team.

      3- Plante last gave was April 4 1963. He was traded June 4 1963. Ferguson first game with the Habs was Oct 8 1963. So there was a 4 months gap between the trade and the arrival of Ferguson. There is no way the mask would still be in the garbage that long. The locker room was used for boxing, wresling and all sorts of other events during the summer…

      My personal feeling, I wouldn't take a chance at 3750$ + 15%


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        That’s an UNREAL item if legit. Big if though, based on ^


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          The description starts with "ALLEGEDLY USED" by Plante. Buyer beware if you can't authenticate an item.


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            Don't want to hijack this thread, but was wondering if anyone here owns masks from the 60's and 70's and would care to show pics.


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              It seems odd to me. Most auction houses pride themselves in being able to guarantee authenticity of the items they sell.


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                The newspaper story didn't add up to me and I didn't even know about Ferguson and Plante never actually playing together.
                Then I read the auction description. Opening with "allegedly ", I kind of felt that they didn't believe the story either


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                  Not sure if it is true, but it is a nice story. If they want to prove legitimacy, there's always DNA tests. If they compare it with something officially used by Plante, it won't cost them too much to make it the real mccoy.