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Can anyone explain....?

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  • Can anyone explain....?

    Why do bidders keep bidding up an item days before the end of an auction --are they trying to see where the last bidder is? are they schilling? are they trying to scare off lower bidders? To me it just increases the amount you pay in the end instead of bidding last minute. Defies logic IMHO.

    for example--

    this is not my card--not do I want it--and I am not bidding-- just an example

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    There's quite a few bidders that do that. Drives me bonkers when it happens in my auctions because of the optics. They'll string bid an item to $18 with 5 days to go when it's a $100+ item. Then they'll do it again if they're outbid. Maybe they think it will psych out other bidders


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      Very nice card. Good luck if you are going after it.


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        I think pwcc is full of shill bids conisogned items with the owners bidding on them


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          I remember back in the early days of eBay, items got bids all throughout the week. I figured out that bidding at the last minute helped me to win a lot of cards, but eventually a lot of people figured that out too. I don't think you will ever know why some people bid on cards by small increments throughout the week. Some people place their max bid and never look back, others might do it hoping to get a deal, and some people may not know that bidding at the last minute is a thing.

          I agree that some bidders might want to psych out the competition, and others might want to see where the high bid is on a certain day.
          I usually see this with more expensive cards. A card worth $100 or less might get very few bids until the last minute, but a $1000+ card will usually get some action well before the last minute.
          Let us know if you ever figure out the answer!


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            If doing incremental bids scares off 1 bidder isn't it worth doing as a buyer?

            I also think for myself if this card is currently $1000 I start to become attached to it. Maybe I'm going to get a good deal. Now as we get closer I think I might be able to get this card. I focus on this card as we come down the home stretch. Whereas now it is already over last sale price I kind of move on and look at what else I'm looking at in the PWCC auction never to really look at it again except to see what it sells at.


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              I asked this same question on here either last year or in 2017.

              Some of these lunatics who bid 7,000 times actually post on this forum.

              I can't remember exactly what the responses were, but I remember one guy saying that he was shopping for groceries, and he was carrying his daughter in one arm, and had his cell phone in the other. He needed to keep his right hand occupied, so he just kept bidding.

              Maybe one of you can find that thread and post it here.


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                People vary greatly psychologically. That's it. (Well, that plus some shilling perhaps.)


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                  I hate when auctions end when I know I’ll be in bed, sometimes when I’m on days I’m up before 4am so that’s when I’ll put my highest bid usually the day of. Other than that I’ll try and snipe last minute wth my highest bid