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Does this matter ?

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  • Does this matter ?

    If you consigned this card, would the presentation of this card in the holder bother you ?

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    Are you referring to it sitting skewed inside the holder? If so it would marginally bother me. I guess if the eye of the beholder cannot envision it sitting straight? Kind of like walking into a house that is for sale and not buying it because it has a feature wall that the color does not appeal to you.

    What would bother me is the exorbitant shipping fee which may reflect on final selling price and consignors take home. Proof is in the pudding as per PWCC shipping fees and realized prices on mid 70's. PSA 8's or better selling for $3.00 because shipping cost is inflated and unjustified. I wonder if PWCC compensates the seller for this. I doubt it. Shame!


    • pro9
      pro9 commented
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      The seller is Probstein, not PWCC.

    • Billyberu
      Billyberu commented
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      I realize that it is Probstein. My statement reads "as per PWCC". Just pointing out another fact that seems to be utilized by high profile sellers that does not help when referencing market value.

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    Wouldn't matter to me. They move around in the cases sometimes.


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      Can't tell if the card is tilted because of the way it is tilted in the case. Top to bottom on both sides looks a little tilted, but too hard to
      tell because of the way the card is in the holder.


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        By tilted do you mean skewed or offcut? You can measure this easily by putting a ruler up to your computer screen and yes I do believe it is skewed somewhat.
        12.5mm at bottom and 11 mm at top. Definitely skewed.
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          Personally I don't think it's a big deal. If it is skewed, it's a minor amount and wouldn't bother me, but if it's bothering you already then you might not want to buy it.