I was recently able to inspect my two first examples of the hard to find 1925-27 Anonymous hockey cards. The first was a 1925-26 Type-1 and the 2nd was a 1926-27 Type-2.
Other than the distinguishing visual characteristics as outlined in Bobby's VHC guide, what stood out to me was the difference in card stock thickness.
The Type-1 seemed to be of typical thickness (if not slightly thinner) for the contemporary hockey issues of that era.
The Type-2, on the other hand, was much thinner ( something akin to "construction paper" thickness).
I was wondering if other owners of these cards have handled unslabbed examples and can corroborate or refute this observation.
Having examined only the very minimum of samples, I don't want to jump to any unwarranted conclusions.
Thinking that the comparative thickness might be another useful distinguishing method, I have already reached out to a couple of forum members who were gracious enough to offer their feedback.
If anyone else with firsthand knowledge would care to agree or disagree with this notion, their information would be most welcome.