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1979 O Pee Chee complete set

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  • 1979 O Pee Chee complete set

    I have a complete set of 1979 O Pee Chee hockey cards. They are ungraded right now, but easily an 8+ I believe. Am I better to sell as a complete set, or sell Gretzky RC separately?

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    Other than the Gretzky, most cards are not worth grading for 8's but nice cards from that set are always desirable. The value is in the Gretzky but it's not an 8 til it's an 8. An upgraded Gretzky, as nice as it may look will get you a fraction of a graded Gretzky. Post a scan of you have one.


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      Thanks Jim. Now if I want to have them graded is there much difference between companies. Also, with the possibility of the Gretzky RC being somewhat valuable, am I safe to just send it off or should I try to be present for the grading process??


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        PSA only to realize highest resale value on the Gretzky. You can become a member of PSA (for a fee) and send it in yourself or forward the card to Len Pottie at Platinum Promotions. Others should have particulars for Len?

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      Post some pictures of the Gretzky and some of the nicer commons that you have from the set.


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        Yes post a scan of the Gretzky, if high grade have it PSA graded, the rest of set doesn't need to be graded.

        You should sell as a set with the key card Gretzky graded, or you might get a very competitive offer from one member here if we can see the card.

        If you go for the PSA grading, there is no way to witness the grading or go there. You must send the card.


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          The first time I sent cards to PSA, I was a bit nervous too, but they grade cards valued at more than $500K. They have graded more Gretzky rookies than we will ever see. I would imagine that these graders at PSA have seen so many amazing cards that they have gotten used to it by now and probably don't think much about it.

          There hasn't ever been a scandal with PSA doing anything underhanded or illegal over the past 20+ years. You have no need to worry.


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            The other piece of advice to keep in mind is that you should be prepared to be disappointed. In knowing how difficult this set is for condition-sensitivity, your cards are probably PSA 6 rather than PSA 8+.