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Delivery Times- Tariff /Trade War

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  • Delivery Times- Tariff /Trade War

    Is anyone noticing a significant increase in delivery time from the states lately ? Also wondering if this pending tariff/trade dispute between Canada and the States is going to effect the sports card industry in any way at the border ?

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    Yes I believe it is....recent packages from the states are taking longer because it appears customs is stopping more packages. I had a small valve package under $50 stopped for the first time in a long time and of course the $9.95 "kiss my @55" fee + GST added 20+% to the value.


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      I made a purchase from Canada a few days ago. (Not on eBay.) After making payment, the seller sends me a message that the package had been shipped but I might have to pay a customs fee. I told him I had only paid a fee once in my life and that was over 20 years ago. Sure enough the next day I received a message from UPS that I owed a fee and had to pay it before delivery. I'm not sure if the seller listed the full value, or if this is something new. I haven't noticed any difference in shipping times yet.


      • rocket9richard
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        For me UPS is the worst to get your items shipped from USA to Canada. When a seller use it, they systematically call and charge fees even if the value is low or the item is duty free, just to collect their handling fee of 10-15$. This makes delivery time longer and you have to pay before they give you the package!

      • Billyberu
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        Reason I do not buy anything from any seller who ships UPS.

        Drive and dash service as well. I had some warranty stuff arrive the other day and before I could make it up 5 steps and 20 feet to the door he was already in his truck on the street. I looked at him perplexed and he just smiled and waved? Idiot

      • schoby
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        I concur. UPS is the worst and I've never chosen them as a Canadian. I thought someone in B.C. took them to court over the collection fees? I believe that Beckett Grading used to use them when it first started out. UPS were charging me a fee plus value on my graded cards. That was the last time I had something graded by Beckett.
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      Rule #1-- Do not use UPS

      Americans do not pay tax on the first $800 of a purchase


      • strohman
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        I didn't know that seller was going to use UPS. I'll have to ask in the future!

      • Billyberu
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        Here! Here! Jim

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      DO not use UPS or FedEx,
      Both carry large additional fees that hand cuff you at the door.
      Canada Post or USPS is the only way I'll buy from someone,
      Private deals they always write $30 Value and mark "Gift" for me as instructed,
      Kiss my @ss, not paying taxes anymore so the Government can line there pockets or give the money away to broken promises.


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        To live in Canada, and pay all those fees. I don't know how you
        stomach it.
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        • Jim
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          We'll be fine

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        Have you guys ever phoned Canada Post or USPS before? Long wait times, and when someone does answer, he/she doesn't know what to tell you other than "it should arrive soon." Now whenever I give FedEx or UPS a call, the customer service rep will tell me exactly what's going on with my parcel. For example, he will say "the driver didn't have the buzz code. Give me the number and I will enter it into the system." This is one of the biggest reasons why I prefer FedEx and UPS (for expensive items). Yes, it does cost more, but it's worth it. As for the taxes, well, that all depends on the sender. If he is going to be an idiot and declare the item for the full amount, then yes, you will be left with a huge bill.


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          I had 2 similar packages shipped on the same day from Canada to St. Louis, MO.
          The one from British Columbia took 11 days.
          The one from Montreal took 18 days.
          Go figure.
          Not sure where the fault lies. Canada Post? USPS? Customs?
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