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Best set with no stoppers

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  • Best set with no stoppers

    When I collect, it really bothers me to have a complete set where one card is several grade levels below the rest of the set (or you have to spend 10 times the price of a regular star card to get the same grade). These cards are obviously the key card to the entire set (I'm thinking the 1979 Gretzky, the 1966 Orr, the 1985 Lemieux, or C55 Vezina, etc.) I don't know if there's another term, but I call these cards stoppers.

    In your opinions, if you were looking to collect a nice complete set in a consistent grade, without breaking the bank for the big card, what's the best set with no stopper cards?

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    Just collect credit cards too. Then there’s no stoppers ‘til they come and take the T-Bird away 🤣


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      I like the way you think. Unfortunately, my wife doesn't share that opinion. I'd lose more than the T-Bird if I started collecting credit cards.


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        There are a lot of sets that don't have a "stopper" card. It all depends on how much you want to spend on a set. 1972-73 OPC is a fairly expensive set but it doesn't have any big money cards. The 70s sets after 72-73 don't have any "stoppers" and are less expensive.