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C56 Art Ross rookies--What a difference!

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  • C56 Art Ross rookies--What a difference!

    From what I have seen, the 2 Art Ross rookies from the C56 set usually sell for around the same amount. I have heard that the #8 Sweater Card is a bit more popular, but not that much of a price difference.
    Tonight one of each were ending in the PWCC auction. Both were graded PSA 5.

    The #12 card sold for $2236.

    The #8 card sold for $5433!!! From looking at the bids, there were 2 bidders going at it once the card went above $1600. I'm guessing that 2 guys wanted this card for a set and they hadn't seen one listed for a long time.

    It's ironic that there is a recent thread about which card in the C56 set is the most important. Not many people voted for Art Ross, but this is a crazy high price for this card.
    It's also ironic that one of the last posts on that thread is Jim saying that most cards in the C56 set are undervalued. (I totally agree!)

    What do you guys think about this price?

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    I didn't vote in that thread but did keep an eye to see where it was going. If I did cast a vote it would have been for the Ross. Jeff kind of got into it in the thread but strictly name recognition would be my reason. Cyclone Taylor by all accounts was the best player of the era. Newsy Lalonde is right up there. Most hockey fans have never heard these names, or Malone that was brought up in another thread. They have heard of Ross, Vezina and maybe the Patricks from that era and only because of trophies. Quite sad.
    I saw recently, a little late though, that a Psa 5 Taylor sold for $1500 if i remember correctly as a buy it now. I also see Orr rookies psa 1-2 selling in the $1000 range. I understand the whole demand thing but c'mon.


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      I think this thread has touched on something we all intuitively know. Name recognition is so important to a player's long term status in the hobby. As living memory fades and becomes historical record, every era gets boiled down to 2 or 3 superstars and the rest fade away. The 1930s belong to Morenz and Shore (even the most hardcore hockey fan would have trouble naming more than 3 of the top 10 scorers of the decade). Turk Broda and Rocket Richard were the big names of the 40s, Howe and Richard are the faces of of the 50s, Howe and Hull the 1960s, the 70s belong to Bobby Orr, 80s are Wayne and Mario, etc.

      Most hardcore hockey fans would be unable to name more than 3 of the top scorers of the 1930s. The names of the 1940s leaders are more familiar, but again are being lost to history (who here knows off-hand which teams Buddy O'Connor or Joe Carveth played on, and they were top 10 scorers on the decade). I think we're seeing the same thing happening with the 50s; in my opinion Doug Harvey's cards don't command anywhere near the value the should for the man who was the consensus best defenceman of the generation. Boom Boom Geoffrion won a scoring title, and seems to be a footnote on the Rocket Richard story, Red Kelly won 8 cups, a Norris, and multiple Byngs (when people still cared about the award), and his cards are worth a small fraction of the Howes, Richards and Beliveaus.

      I will be curious to see if Ted Lindsay gains more notoriety in the hobby after he dies and fades from living memory. Likewise, Rocket Richard may close the gap on Howe by virtue of the trophy in his name.


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        That #8 card would not look out of place in a PSA 6 holder. So someone could be looking for a bump.

        I prefer the #8 card to the #12 Ross personally and I think the #8 condition wise was better looking than the #12 card. The tilt bothered me on the #12, but that is just my opinion. I had an eye on the #8 but it jumped way out of my price range.


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          $5400+ seems like a lot for a card that usually sells for half that price and may not get a bump from PSA.


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            Don't know about anyone else but these cards aren't showing up in my searches


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              The PSA registry is a hell of a drug.


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                The buyer of the #8 card is a friend of mine. He is not collecting the set or even on the PSA registry. He is just a guy with lots of dough who wanted the card. Things aren't always as you assume fellas.


                • Anish
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                  Good for him for getting into Pre-War

                  (But bad for the rest of us?)

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                I had a chuckle, as shortly after that sale, this item that I was watching was removed as a BIN:
                One of the most important hockey cards ever issued - the first to feature legendary Art Ross and a key to the first hockey set ever issued. The offered example is very attractive for the grade, featuring near perfect centering and registration. As of 2018, my username has changed from the*cup to investincards to align with my new website. | eBay!


                • Anish
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                  Hey, that's actually my card. I took some stuff down as I will be consigning to PWCC to cover my winnings. Might hold onto the Ross though...will be hard to find another centered copy.

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                Jim, I agree 100% with you regarding the pricing for Taylor, Lalonde and Malone. I also missed the BIN on the Taylor, as I had bought the Taylor PSA5 in REA which went for $1680 which I thought was way too low.

                Interesting that there is Ross #8 in PSA 4.5 on Ebay for $2900 (not mine).... Although the PSA 5 is much nicer, I think that price might be a high water mark for the card for a while.

                I'm much more of a fan of the #8 rather than the #12, but from comments in this thread, it's clearly individual taste.


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                  $1680 for a Taylor PSA 5 is definitely a great price! Sometimes hockey gets sold in auction houses where most of the buyers are looking for baseball and it goes for much less than typical prices.
                  I just never seem to hear about those auctions until they are over!