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Calgary Card Show Pickups and one off eBay

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  • Calgary Card Show Pickups and one off eBay

    Great seeing so many friendly faces at the show.

    Picked up a 22 card lot of 1937's with the two best being the ones I've pictured below. I'd say poor condition overall but a Toe Blake rookie and Turk Broda ain't too bad. Also got the Schmidt Rookie in the same lot.

    Will probably keep the Schmidt for myself but the rest will be available at upcoming Summit and Expo.

    The 1888 A&P I picked up on eBay from AJ Vezina. Love the addition and its now the oldest card in my PC.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Love the 1888 A&P. I wasn't aware of hockey related cards pre-dating the Sweet Caporal Postcards. I'd love to see more pictures (or links) of cards predating the Sweet Cap postcards.


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      Was there on Saturday for a bit. It was great to catch up with Jeremy, Will, Claude, and several others.

      I only picked up a couple of things.

      1956 Adventure Howe and Rayner.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	1956 Adventure Howe.jpg
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Size:	118.5 KB
ID:	5987

      Something that made the back of the hair on my neck stand up. A Canadiens pennant with some signatures that are really no longer available.
      Henri and Maurice Richard.
      Beliveau, Geoffrion, Gilles Tremblay, Dryden, Mahovlich brothers, Cournoyer, Robinson, Lapointe. I went back a couple of times and paid the price. It already occupies a spot in my man-cave, by a seat map of the Forum.
      While there are some condition issues on the pennant, the signatures are quite legible.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Canadiens Pennant Signatures 1.jpg
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Size:	82.3 KB
ID:	5988
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Canadiens Pennant Signatures 2.jpg
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Size:	71.3 KB
ID:	5989

      Try and find this baby at the local 7-11...

      There are a couple of signatures I am unsure on. I will start another thread to see if folks here can help me identify the ones I am not sure on.
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        I currently have this card at PSA for grading... Iv been talking with them for some time about the 1888 A&P because they have a couple mistake about it...

        First they have the number #517 in the right corner but the actual number of the card is #817. Look closely at the left bottom corner. Second they should not name it A&P since this card is a stock drawing that can be bought by any advertiser. I know at lease 3 advertisers who used this card this... The name should be something like 1888 Bufford Sons litho. They actually got it right on the baseball version.

        All those mistake come from the Charlton catalogue...
        Click image for larger version

Name:	1888_bufford_1.jpg
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Size:	266.7 KB
ID:	4626
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        • harpervalley7
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          I bought this card off of Gerry Chartrand way back in the day and mine has no advertising on the front but has an ad for Dr. Hartshorns cough balsam on the back .Gerry very appropriately labeled mine an Atlantic Trade Card 1888 for they originated on the US seaboard!

        • bossef
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          So explain to how your card should graded? Have a look here:

          3 different backing:

          For the 1 st one, they explain to me they use it before knowing there was different backing on the A&P after that they created 2 new entry for Baking Powder and the Thea Nectar.

          If I follow your reasoning, it should be name 1888 A&P Dr. Hartshorns cough balsam.... which make no sense to me but its ok...

          The baseball version was done right. Bufford is the printer of the card and is copyright owner...

        • harpervalley7
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          First of all don't believe everything PSA shows you for petes sake they make more mistakes than Donald Trump but in my mind they should simply be named 1888 advertising hockey (polo) trade cards available to any business who wanted to advertise their wares on them for a price of course.So they really shouldn't be named after any business because they were used for several venues.

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        There`s second card in that series
        Click image for larger version

Name:	bufford005.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	234.5 KB
ID:	5993 ...