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Wayne Gretzky "1851 Point" Puck at Classic Auctions

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  • Wayne Gretzky "1851 Point" Puck at Classic Auctions

    Anyone else notice the description of this lot?

    This morning in the local online paper, there is actually a story on the puck.

    So I thought I'd try my first informal Poll here. Who do you think has the actual puck? The HHOF, or did the Northland's timekeeper pull a fast one and keep the puck?

    For me, I'm struggling with the part around the timekeeper putting the puck(s) away, ensuring he had the proper one labelled, and then forgetting about them until he was "tidying up" his basement.

    Not trying to bias anything, so give us a vote and let us know why you voted the way you did.
    The HHOF has the 1851 point puck
    Classic Auctions has the 1851 point puck
    It is somewhere else completely
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    Wow, interesting story.

    True that it would be odd for Whidden to go through this trouble and subsequently forget about the puck, but why would he lie about it? For the few hundred dollars he got for it? Seems even less plausible to me that he would make this story up for essentially no reason.


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        Interesting topic! I have a lot of respect for the HHOF and most of the items they have on display are genuine, but I know for a fact that another important key puck they have on display is not the real thing so it could well be the case with this one too!

        ​It is not because something has been there for décades that it is the right thing, especially when both items come from the same source or when the other source could be just as good.

        ​Auction houses reputation is very important and I don't think Classic would risk their name if they didn't believe their source is ligit.

        ​I hope we will get the end of that story straight...


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          There is no way he forgot about it. If he had it all that time then he knew he had it and would not sell it for a "few hundred dollars". There is also no way that Scotty Morrison "forgot" to collect the puck after the on-ice presentation. He had been following Gretzky and keeping all the pucks and then all of a sudden who would forget to collect the most important one?
          My guess is that Whiddon had no money, was ill, and figured he could scam some guy who thought he was getting an unbelievable deal for a few hundred dollars basing it on the fact that Whiddon was the timekeeper.


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            Does anyone on here know what happened to the jersey Gretzky wore on that night? Does the HHOF have it or is it owned by a collector?