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  • Edmonton?

    Never been to the Edmonton show. Should I fly down all the way from Halifax this spring? Is it worth it? I'm leaning towards it. Spring Expo in Toronto is a given. But this year, one time only, I'm considering Edmonton.too..

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    Who is going to National in Cleveland?


    • Gordie Rhynold
      Gordie Rhynold commented
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      Going wednesday to saturday.First one for me.

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    Yepper. Hotel booked: Wednesday-Saturday.


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      Hey Hart,

      Much smaller show than Toronto, obviously. Guests are more local, like ex-Oilers and Flames, with a sprinkling of others (Dionne, Lanny, etc.) Bernie Parent was scheduled to be there two years ago but his agent got seriously sick the night before so he didn't make it. As of now, no autograph guests have been announced.

      Many of the dealers who are at the Toronto show also come to Edmonton. Jim has been coming for years. It's nice to get to see some new (old) stock. Lots of nice vintage, and some really great local dealers too.

      For me, I'm three hours away and it is certainly worth the drive. However, I rarely make it out to Toronto. It's a long way to come from Halifax IMO. If you do decide to come all the way out, let me know and I'll buy you a beer.


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        Edmonton is a good show and the best in Western Canada but it is what I would catagorize as regional. Great if you're able to drive there or a short flight from BC or SK.
        Dave Martel usually has the best selection of vintage there but you're going to see most of it at the Expo a couple weeks later. I travel light so I do not have even 20 percent of what I can bring to Expo. There is a decent amount of post war usually but I would consider the bulk of it to be "rebay".
        If you do decide to come, I will also buy you a beer!!

        The National is a show I think every collector should experience atleast once. Even if your focus is only hockey and you are not able to make a single purchase, it is still worth the trip. Especially if it's a Chicago show, great restaurants, lots to do downtown and maybe catch a game at Wrigley.

        Not sure if I can make Cleveland this year, same drive time as Montreal for me but can't do the long car rides anymore. Finding a direct flight from Toronto is almost impossible and even the flights with one stop can be expensive if you don't book early. Plus not much to do after the show and I like my extra curricular activities.


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          I made it from Montréal to the Edmonton show about 5 years ago.

          To cut the expenses to minimum, I had a crazy 22 hours non stop day. I flew direct to Edmonton, took a cab to the show, stayed there for about 4 hours, took a cab back to the Airport and flew back to Montréal. It was quite an experience that allowed me to meet a few new contacts and buy a some cool things.

          ​Was it Worth it? For a one time experience yes, but not financially or for my collection. Close to 1000$ of fees to attend a show makes no sense when I can go to 4X bigger show inToronto for much cheaper...


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            I remember that you came to the first show, probably 7 years ago. That one was pretty disappointing but much better venue now and the show did grow, probably double the dealers now.
            Speaking of cabs, the show is on the other side of town as the airport. Close to $100 cab ride each way.


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              I have never been to a show outside Montreal - I have been told it is a must

              If you had a choice which show would it be?

              I am currently focusing on pre 1951 ERA



              • rocket9richard
                rocket9richard commented
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                The Toronto sport card and memorabilia expo without a doubt

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              Thanks, I will need to pencil it into my schedule and guessing bring some $$$, take care.