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Sellers Remorse - Items You Wish You Hadn't Sold ?

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    I also had an opportunity in ~ 1995 to purchase a Campbell Conference All-Star jersey circa 1980 from a gentleman here in Edmonton. The Jersey was #99. Who's that guy? The Jersey at the time was being stored in a Stationary box with the "Oilers" office stamp on it. Oh and it was also signed "To (Name withheld), from Wayne (signature)" Writing seemed legit!

    I said that I was interested and asked what was the price? He said that I could probably not afford it. (Him thinking I was obviously a snot nosed kid or something). I said give me a # and he promptly said around $1500. I asked where he came by the Jersey and if he knew whether it was game worn. He said Wayne gave it to him in friendship and he was unsure if it was game worn.

    Now not to seem too excited I said I would have to talk it over with my wife and give him a call that evening. Meanwhile, who cares what the wife thinks...I'm in!

    I called back later that evening and said I would take it as I had also called the Mei-Gray group that afternoon to confirm a few things. Sweater had all the right marking, insignia's, etc. and they told me there were 6 of these Jersey's made and that if it was proven a game worn one which they could tell somehow (DNA)? that they would have a lineup and bidding would start at $25,000 US.

    However, the seller then said that he did not feel right asking this price if it was not game worn. I said I do not care it would be a great wall hanger.

    Anyway's long story short a local collector seller ended up buying it and selling it the guy in Fort McMurray who probably had all the other Gretzky Jersey's that a few years back went up for sale at Classic Auctions. Buyer said he sold it for big money! He would not give me any details.

    The original gentleman seller was a former custom's agent supervisor here in Edmonton who said Wayne was a friend but was obviously indebted to for not coming down on him to hard when he was crossing the border and not declaring stuff! Probably new cowboy boots or something Who becomes friends with a customs agent unless you are getting pulled aside!
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      Nothing comes to mind. I've kept the stuff I like the most.


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        Every nice card I've ever sold has gone up in value, but so has every nice card that I've held on to. I do not regret selling cards( I kinda do, I just pretend i don't)

        The items I do regret selling are unique ones that can't really be replaced. Good early photos, early postcards picturing players or teams from the C56 or C55 sets, rare early NHL programs , player owned items like Yvan Cournoyers' Stanley Cup and some good looking Leafs display items


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          Originally posted by Stampsfan View Post

          I have to say something here. You know what dude, there is no reason to belittle or make fun of what someone posts, especially when it's a real situation that happened. Maybe it doesn't live up to your lofty standards, but you have this incredibly rude habit of laughing at people who post something non-malicious.

          Not long ago, we had a topic about wanting people to post more on this site. Perhaps look at the way you laugh at people who post, and ask yourself why more people don't want to share their experiences. skelly423 posts about his experiences dumping a PSA 9 Lemieux RC, and you basically tell him that's nothing. Who the eff are you to post judgments on others experiences?

          I collect vintage sets, and sometimes I pick up commons. I have chosen not to scan them and post them, because it risks being minimized by folks like you.

          To quote another member, this is why nobody likes you.

          Well that's good, it's why we are all here.
          I had to put up with my wife's nagging today and now I have to read all this crap.

          Dear Stampsfan (aka drama queen),

          What happened to skelly423 is not bad at all, and that's all I was trying to tell him. My comments and my story were meant to cheer him up and not do the opposite. Skelly423, I'm sorry if you took it the wrong way. The Lemieux RC is awesome and I will find you another one for a good price.

          Now I am friends with quite a few people on this forum and I have had many successful transactions on here as well. I've spoken to many over the phone and we cracked all kinds of jokes back and forth. Whatever I say on this forum, I say to their faces and nothing is personal. It's like when I tried to defend KSA on this forum, I got ripped apart for it. And guess what? I am totally fine with it. There are some collectors out there who hate KSA and I totally respect them for their views. I know when people tell me these things, they too don't want me to take it personally.

          You state that you don't want to post your commons on here because you don't want them being minimized by guys like me, but when do I do this? About two years ago, I made a joke about newspapers on this forum - I got into big trouble for it - and that's about all I can remember. I am looking at the pick-up threads from Jan, Dec, Nov, etc. and nowhere do I see me putting others down for what they collect.

          Now don't bother posting a follow-up because I'm not going to read it. If you still have a problem with me and you want to talk, then send me a PM.


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            You defended KSA?


            • Puck_That
              Puck_That commented
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              I can’t remember the details, but I got a couple graded that I shared on here and some folks were not amused by it. Anyhow, like I said above, it’s never personal and I understand that. We all love the hobby very much and just want to express ourselves.

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            I have no sellers remorse for anything I sold- re buying remorse--that I didn't start so late in collecting hockey cards (just started in 2013!) and that I didn't stick to buying high grade pre war cards


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              Sold some doubles once. Once. Spring 1981. I was 12. Went the Don Billows shop in Ottawa. My doubles were all hockey between 1970 and 1975. Dryden and Lafleur rookies. Got $100. Swiftly purchased a brand new set of 1981 Topps baseball with the Henderson rookie. That was the last time I ever sold anything. I have been pilling stuff up since that time. I will be selling some in the next 5 years. Love my hobby.


              • Hendu
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                Wow!!! You were a "mover & shaker" at 12.. congrats!!
                'Course when I was 12 it was, after all, 1959 and we were still flippin' 'em up against a wall..
                Although I only "flipped" my 'traders' and I wasn't very good at it!!
                Didn't matter though as my step-mommy tossed 'em all out while I was at University in the mid-'60s and I didn't care.. there was soooo much else going on in the mid-'60s.
                Some of it even legal!! Bahahaha.. :-p
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              My biggest hockey card regret was in 1989 when I sold the 1971-72 OPC set I collected while in junior high. I had just discovered how hot card collecting had become and started buying shiny new Pro Set Football packs. I believe the current Charlton showed the 71-72 set with a value of $200. I figured my set is 17 years old so it probably won't go up much more in the foreseeable future. I sold it to a LCS for $160 figuring that was a pretty good deal and now I had money to buy more Pro Set Football, a 1988-89 OPC set and a 1989 Donruss Baseball set. Woo! The first Beckett came out a few months later showing the 71-72 set with a near mint value of $750...sigh. I didn't regret it because I didn't get enough for the set...I just wanted to have my set again.

              I did repurchase a nice 71-72 set a few years later so I'm okay now but did it ever bug me for the time I didn't have one.


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                In 1989 traded a Gretzky rookie for 1989 UD factory set at LCS. At the time, around the same value. Only did it because I had about 7 at the time so not a big deal. I sold the UD factory set last year for about $50 (think same price as it was in 1989) and still have 4 Gretzky rookies remaining.