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Sellers Remorse - Items You Wish You Hadn't Sold ?

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  • Sellers Remorse - Items You Wish You Hadn't Sold ?

    I'm just wondering if others experience sellers remorse like I often do - I recently sold a near complete set of OPC cards that I painstakingly assembled over time - I now look at the empty space on my book shelf now and think " why did I do that ?? " .. the money seemed like a good idea at the time but the collector in me always regrets it ... what collection / item do you regret selling the most and wish you could have back ?
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    I sold off hundreds (maybe 1,500+ ??) autographed OPC cards and team-issued postcards that I had assembled from hanging out after games, at events (like the NHL Slo-Pitch Tournaments that used to be held during the summers in St. Catharines/Niagara Falls) and through the mail. I often wished I'd just kept them.


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      ...and Welland!

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      and Thorold--I still have most of my autographed ones from those days--it was heaven having about 200 NHL'ers in one place

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    Two come to mind

    5 years ago I sold a PSA 9 OPC Mario Lemieux Rookie Card, no qualifiers for $377 CAD. I made a profit on the sale, but since that date it has gone up nearly 500% in value.

    Last year, in a fit of stupidity, I sold a pristine 1968 Topps Bobby Orr autograph. The signature was graded PSA/DNA 10, and the card itself was perfect; razor corners and edges, bright colors, 50/50 centering. Ironically, the price of the card was driven down by the signature. I'd love to have that one back. .


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      67-68 inaugural season Penguins schedule. Sold it two years ago for about $700 or so. I haven't seen another since. I'm still missing the Penguins and Flyers inaugural year schedules to complete my expansion 67-68 teams.


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        Howe RC PSA 6, Hull RC PSA 6, 2 nice Orr rookies, the list goes on.


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          Bought 1951-52 Parkie set at the Toronto expo couple years on the Friday and sold it on the Saturday with out really looking at it. Tripled my money.


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            Too many to count. When I rediscovered the hobby in the late 80's, I moved all my "traders", plus all the inserts I had accumulated from 67-72. Things like the '68 puck stickers, '69 4 in 1's, '69 stamps, '71 posters, etc.

            However, the worst was the number of Gretzky RC's I moved. All at a profit, but nothing like at today's prices. However, with little kids at the time, the money was likely needed in the 90's.


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              In the late 90's when exchange rate was 1.55, I sold high grade rookie cards of Howe, Orr, Beliveau, Hall and Gretzky. What a bad move on the long term!


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                theres nothing i sold- that i wish i still had,cause i wouldn't have what i do now----


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                  Originally posted by skelly423 View Post
                  5 years ago I sold a PSA 9 OPC Mario Lemieux Rookie Card, no qualifiers for $377 CAD. I made a profit on the sale, but since that date it has gone up nearly 500% in value.
                  I laughed when I read this. Are you being serious? That's nothing, man. And for your information, a PSA 9 OPC Lemieux can be purchased today for around $800 USD. If you want to talk modern, then I'll tell you what's bad: I sold my only PSA 8 OPC Gretzky RC for around $2,000 USD and then a few months later watched its value climb to $6,000 USD - now THAT'S bad! And to add salt to the wound, the buyer would call me up and laugh about it.

                  Anyhow, there is always going to be someone in this hobby who made a bigger mistake than you. Some of you got rid of your high-grade rookies of Howe, Hull, Orr, etc. This obviously is much worse than my Gretzky story, so it does make me feel a bit better.


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                    "Forgive yourself for not having the foresight to know what now seems so obvious in hindsight" -Judy Belmont


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                      Click image for larger version

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                      I was poking around the internet and found this pic of Puck_That


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                        Originally posted by Puck_That View Post
                        I laughed when I read this. Are you being serious?...
                        I have to say something here. You know what dude, there is no reason to belittle or make fun of what someone posts, especially when it's a real situation that happened. Maybe it doesn't live up to your lofty standards, but you have this incredibly rude habit of laughing at people who post something non-malicious.

                        Not long ago, we had a topic about wanting people to post more on this site. Perhaps look at the way you laugh at people who post, and ask yourself why more people don't want to share their experiences. skelly423 posts about his experiences dumping a PSA 9 Lemieux RC, and you basically tell him that's nothing. Who the eff are you to post judgments on others experiences?

                        I collect vintage sets, and sometimes I pick up commons. I have chosen not to scan them and post them, because it risks being minimized by folks like you.

                        To quote another member, this is why nobody likes you.

                        Originally posted by Puck_That View Post
                        This obviously is much worse than my Gretzky story, so it does make me feel a bit better.
                        Well that's good, it's why we are all here.


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                          I don't have any horror stories about sales, but I do have a couple declined to buy horror stories. I'll share one: It's probably 1991 or 1992. I'm offered a set of 1951 Parkhurst by a nice man. He wants $1500 CDN, and will include his 1951 'wrapper'. I hmmm and haw for 1 year or a year and a half. The set is low grade except for two stunning upgrades: a sharp Howe and the nicest Richard I've ever seen. One day, I decide to do it. I call him up to accept. He explains that he sold it to my friends at AbD Cards that week!


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                            Thanks Stampsfan, I'm obviously new here, and was wondering if I'm going through some sort of rookie initiation. I'm not interested in sparking any fights, I just want to share my hobby with a group of people who share my enthusiasm and passion.

                            Puck_That, if you actually have a Lemieux PSA 9 OPC for $800, or a 1953 Beliveau PSA 6 for "just over $1000" (as you suggested in another thread), I'll buy both today.


                            • Billyberu
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                              Ditto on all accounts!

                            • Stampsfan
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                              No initiation here. For the most part, just a bunch of good guys who are proud of their collections, and are willing to share information to those who ask.

                              Welcome aboard, and keep contributing.