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1969 opc 2nd series variations from wax

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  • 1969 opc 2nd series variations from wax

    I've looked through lots of vending from 2nd series 1969 opc here in the states, and never found the cards with the yellow writing on the back.

    How long have these things been around ? I've never heard of them in 25 years. I'd like to believe it's a variation, but anyone could stamp these on
    the back of the card. The only variation I've known for years is the missing black ink that came from wax and vending.

    I've personally pulled the missing black ink cards from vending years ago.

    Just asking because I've never seen these Phil Esposito and Bobby Orr stamped backs before. I'm a little suspicious, but if anyone has ever pulled them from packs or sets years ago, then I'm all in with their authenticity.


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    I built the 69 OPC set but never heard anything about cards like this before. I notice that the yellow writing wasn't mentioned on the PSA label.
    It looks like it's a part of the card, but it's always hard to tell from a scan.

    Very interesting!


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      Thanks strohman. I guess I'm looking for people who've been associated with this set for years, looking through card after card like I have and you have. These have come up recently, and let's just say I'm highly suspicious. The missing black ink on the front of the cards makes sense. The yellow printing on the back with Phil Esposito and Bobby Orr does not. In the printing process, it makes perfect sense that the final black ink of the printing process was missed. Most of the time this was tossed out as printers waste. However, some could have slipped through, and being that I personally pulled a few from vending gives me 100% assurance that missing black ink cards are authentic errors from the factory. However, where in the 1969 opc set is Phil Esposito or Bobby Orr's full name printed in yellow ink ? Does it make sense that these yellow colored names could have found their way on the back of a card ? How could that happen ? These yellow names were never used on any of Espo's or Orr's, correct ? On what second series cards do Phil Esposito or Bobby Orr's full name appear in yellow ink ? I can not think of any. So my question is in the printing process, how would this error occur if O-Pee-Chee London Ontario never used this colored print for any of their cards ? So color me very suspicious. We have baseball cards here in the states that are in perfect condition, but have J.D. printed on the back of the cards. The person who collected these cards years ago printed his first and last initials on the back of his collection, and these nice cards can be found for sale today. My thinking is that someone printed the names Phil Esposito and Bobby Orr on the backs of these cards the same way J.D. did on his baseball cards. However, if someone from Canada can attest that these cards are authentic (as it is claimed that these cards only came from wax, and not from vending, as there was tons of 2nd series vending here in the states), then I will be all in with their authenticity. However, it just doesn't make any sense how O-Pee-Chee London Ontario could have done this at the factory. Just doesn't make any sense at all.


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        Now some would say that it's the yellow Bobby Orr from the front of his card #209. While that makes perfect sense, then why isn't the yellow Boston Bruins underneath the errors too ? And how would that yellow name that was only designated for the front of the cards somehow appear on the reverse ? And why only Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito ? Where is Serge Savard, Alex Delvecchio, and Danny Grant, who all had their names written in yellow on the front of trophy cards, i.e. Grant -Calder Trophy card. Why only Espo and Orr ? Was a printer screwing around ? If it truly was a full sheet printing error, then wouldn't the other names appear along with Esposito and Orr ? It just doesn't make any sense when I think of it. Click image for larger version

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          Everything you say makes perfect sense. Also on this card, Orr's name is printed horizontally, but on the back of the cards you linked to, the names appear vertically, which doesn't make much sense unless the head of the printer or the sheet itself were turned in another direction. It is a bit odd for this "variation" to show up for the first time now 49 years after the cards were produced. This should have been discovered many years ago. Supposedly this variation only appeared in packs and these cards are all high grade cards. Did someone just crack a box of 69 OPC and find these cards? I understand your skepticism.

          I just noticed that there are 2 sellers with these cards--graded by PSA and KSA.
          Where did these things come from all of a sudden?


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            Very interesting and nice work guys! We are always looking through using this group and communication with others to find out if there are more short-prints or errors that haven't been included or documented as of yet but I would say we have probably seen most of them.

            I have not see these before, so I cannot confirm or deny their authenticity. As someone mentioned, there were probably proofs and other preproduction cards that made it to the mainstream marketplace over the years, what we are looking for is not just a couple examples, we need them to be corrected errors to justify a short print, like the Brit Selby of 1970 and the 1955-56 Parkhurst Tim Horton Defense reverse error where there aren't that many around but we do seen a small amount of examples.

            There are a lot one of a kinds out there, I would mostly consider them proofs, unless you can state a case that they were issued into the marketplace through a position of innocence. Keep up the good work talking these things through.


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              Sorry guys FYI there is no reason these would be made up, they have been around for awhile and not a new discovery as I have seen these for a long while in the hobby. They are very low priced Trophy cards so there would be no need to actually add that script to the back today. They are just another variant comparing to the 1970 Extended Black Border All Stars or Puzzle Back Variants from 1970 of Gordie Howe or Gilbert Perreault were they had no script or a script variant. I would say they are as tough as the 1970 Extended Black border all star cards for comparison in numbers, they do come up a few times a year on eBay with sellers not even knowing the difference, I have picked them up for a few bucks many times on eBay and at card shows, some of the cards I bought were rough raw cards of these so very obvious they came from packs from 1969-70. As for that seller asking that kind of money as a PSA 9 just because it has the factory Yellow script IMO I think it is ridiculous. Another note, the Yellow script under high magnification matches the pixels to the rest of the card back dots.
              Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version

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                Another note is that only Bobby Orr & Phil Esposito had the Yellow script call outs as those were the two full puzzles 69' OPC had from the Trophy or All Star Cards using the back sides. If you make the entire puzzles it makes sense to see the name just to recognize who the player was, OPC screwed up again in 1970 not calling out Gordie Howe or Gilbert Perreualt for the full puzzle backs and again did two variants of two particular cards too.


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                  I just checked out, mine have the yellow scrip on back for both #226 and #228


                  • schoby
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                    I also have them from wax. Not worth 10 cents though. I collected them as a kid a few years ago.
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                  Very glad to hear that someone has seen these around for years. It does make sense that OPC used the names to identify the player on the puzzle. It also makes sense that it only came in wax and not in vending. It seems more like a production error than a printing error, in that they produced a few of them and then decided that they didn't want them on the card anymore, and therefore decided to print the rest of the cards without the yellow names.

                  As for the missing black ink cards. I have only seen less than ten in my days of collecting. I own two of them #231 The Stanley Cup, and #209 Bobby Orr. You can also find two on ebay, and I've seen the Pat Quinn rookie. My guess is that one high series sheet was printed this way and slipped into production, but I have no proof to verify that of course. Having only seen less than ten cards causes me to conclude that.
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                    Exodus it is the other way around for production IMO, these never had the script for the first printed sheets then OPC added them later in the production run to include the names in Yellow. OPC did the same thing in 1970 for the Howe & Perreualt puzzle. Timing may have been different between the two years.


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                      I also have also had several of these over the years. I presently have a #228 Phil Esposito yellow scripted back in stock.


                      • strohman
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                        Are you asking $10K for it???

                      • exodus
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                        For 27.50 I will most likely take it. Can you post a pic of the front and back here ?

                      • Billyberu
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                        Earl, I wish but I am slightly more reasonable than implied seller who IMO needs to give his head a shake.

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                      Makes sense to me Dan. BTW, keep me in mind if you ever come across another 1970 opc black border Orr AS card in ex-mt or better. Thanks.


                      • Billyberu
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                        Sent you a PM

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                      There you go, another Puzzle solved on the forum, pun intended.The yellow back script are listed in the VHC, but the Claude Larose is not a variation just
                      a printers error or proof.
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