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Kelly, Lindsay, Delvecchio

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  • Kelly, Lindsay, Delvecchio

    Red Kelly, Ted Lindsay, and Alex Delvecchio all have their rookies in 1951 Parkhurst as you likely know if you are here. None are short printed as far as I know, nor is any the first/last card in the set. So...why is Delvecchio's valued the highest? Years ago (decades maybe), all three were on par. Even then, I thought that was giving too much credit to Delvecchio. To me, the career accomplishments of Kelly and Lindsay far exceed Delvecchio's. This is no slight against Fats, who is and should be a HOFer. He had a very productive and long career. But was he as good or better than the other two? Not even close in my books.

    Would love to hear why you agree or disagree.

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    Interesting thread. I agree that Lindsay & Kelly are held in higher esteem than Delvecchio. Although they are certainly all worthy HOFers, Red & Ted were on more Stanley Cup winning teams but on the other hand Alex played more years & scored more goals.
    Could it have any connection to the fact that this was Delvecchio's true RC because it really was his rookie playing year, while the others had been around during earlier seasons?
    Prices & pricing trends have always been mysterious to me. What considerations determine the "value" of a card?
    Obviously scarcity and condition, popularity of the player himself, his records & achievements, his longevity plus many more intangibles.
    Also it's never been all that clear to me what the accepted criteria or "rules" are for the RC designation. And who makes the rules? There certainly seems to be more than one opinion to what constitutes a RC.
    'Rookie Card", "First Topps card", "Last card", "Pre-rookie", "First appearance", etc., etc. - It could give you a headache!
    A cynic might say these labels are simply selling tactics to hype or enhance the value of a product.
    I mean no disrespect or offense to any dealers or sellers who are making an honest living by providing desirable items to the marketplace for us.
    And as we've said before the value will be determined by the marketplace.
    So it's an interesting & thought-provoking question for which I have no real answer but only an opinion.


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      I agree that Kelly and Lindsay were superior players. But Lindsay seems to be easier to find graded and Kelly is perhaps underrated because he was a defenseman, in Harvey’s shadow no less.


      • hart2004
        hart2004 commented
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        Don’t forget, Kelly was a great centre iceman later with Cup winning Leafs teams. So not only both positions a la Dit Clapper, but he also played for a very popular team.

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      Both Kelly and Lindsay spent time with other NHL teams (Red with Toronto/Ted with Chicago).. "Fats" was always a Red Wing!!
      Maybe that influences some fans?? Especially Detroit followers? Dunno!!


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        Lindsay was the slightly better goal scorer, but Delvecchio was the more complete player.


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          Wasn't the question posed by Hart - Why is the Delvecchio RC valued higher than either Lindsay or Kelly?

          Is the comparative value of 3 RC's from the same set based solely on how the players' records compare?

          Lindsay & Kelly had more All-star selections (9 & 8 respectively) compared to Delvecchio's 2. Lindsay won a scoring title and played 17 NHL seasons. Kelly excelled as a defenseman AND a forward for 20 seasons. Delvecchio was a great player for 24 seasons with 1 team but I think most would agree his star was not quite as bright as the other 2 players.
          Was Delvecchio more of a fan favorite than Lindsay or Kelly? Hard to know & I suppose it's possible but it'd be hard to make that case.
          No, some other factor is at play here. It is a curiosity and a worthy question.


          • harpervalley7
            harpervalley7 commented
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            Well said ViewfromStLou .Delvecchio was not as amazing as the other two but the fact he played 24 years in the original six
            and was a long time captain may prop him up plus supply and demand of the higher graded ones may be a factor.There certainly is not a scarcity overall of 51 parkhurst.

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          The price guides list Delvecchio higher which as you point out seems to make little sense. However, the graded card prices look relatively the same.

          On the PSA pop report the pop numbers are close for grades 6,7,8 so it is not a supply issue. The graded pricing also looks the same. Other then the last two PSA 7 Delvecchio RC's the prices look comparable. Maybe, I am looking in the wrong spot for pricing but they seem similar to me.


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            I agree with Albie, I don't think the actual selling prices of graded cards of each of the three is all that much different.