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Barilko RC?

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  • Barilko RC?

    Is this an example of the Barilko RC mentioned in another recent post? Hope so!
    Click image for larger version

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      Best moment of the day! Thx


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        I have always loved these cards and would spend a lot of time tracking them down online and at local flea markets. However, one day I decided to do some research on them and the information I came across was so bad that I gave up on them completely. It looks like somebody saw how successful Exhibit cards were in the US and decided to rip-off ESCO (Exhibit Supply Co.) Anything that was not manufactured by ESCO cannot be called an Exhibit card, so then what the hell are these? And finally, PSA put the final nail in the coffin when they announced that they were no longer going to grade them. It looks like whoever made them didn't have a license with the NHL to print hockey cards.

        Now I don't mean to rain on your parade, but when something is not a properly licensed product, then can we call it a rookie?
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        • gomaz
          gomaz commented
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          1951 Parkhurst is an action/highlite card. Consistent with that argument would be that the Plante action cards in 1954-55 Parkie (#'s 97-99) are his RC's, but we know they aren't. More support for 1961 Wheaties!

        • Jim
          Jim commented
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          I personally can't recognize a post career card as a rookie , so to me 55 Durnan is not an rc and either is the wheaties barilko and either are any of the 80s hof cards that are on the psa hof registry.
          I made the same argument about the 51 barilko, if that's a rc so is the 54 Plante.
          Would it make you feel better is psa started grading the exhibits again?

        • Bobbyvhc
          Bobbyvhc commented
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          Tough call on cards like these,. Barilko is mentioned posthumously in the Wheaties on the back as " Bill Barilko's Stanley Cup", which is really the same picture as the 1951 Parkies but Barilko's name is mentioned on the front and was alive at this time or presumed to be. The options for purchasing a Wheaties card was not hockey specific and should not be a rookie card being within a multi-sport set. Jim is correct with "post career" cards not being Rookie Cards but more so a commemorative card or sometimes called first card. Maybe there is something to be said about the 1954-55 Plante cards...or not. Plante was in the next years card where as Barilko was only in the Parkhurst 1951. Exhibits are postcards and I personally don't consider them rookie cards. Card that were sold in stores to the general public where almost everyone had access to them would be a better consideration for rookie cards than randomly finding an Exhibit machine locally that might just have had hockey postcards within. The scarcity defines the difference, I would think.
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        The Exhibit cards or Arcade cards are delightful period pieces that were seemingly pirated from Bee Hive,Turofsky, news feeds and whatever other sources were available. They may not have the stamp of approval by PSA but for me, that just makes them more authentic and less artificial. If anyone had a wheel-barrel load they want to sell for an unreasonably low price, I'm interested. 😎


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          the barilko is a very cool card either way!
          Click image for larger version

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