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Book Value for 1962-63 Shirriff Coin set

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  • Book Value for 1962-63 Shirriff Coin set

    Just picked up a complete set of these coins and am looking for a fairly accurate book value. I have the VHC cards-collectibles that Bobby produced last year and it shows a value at $700 USD. Been having a 'friendly' debate with a guy whose contacts claims it is only $500. Anyone have any info? THanks so much

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    I am not sure that you want to here what Beckett has to say or not.But they list the set at $400.00.But individually they total $607.
    This is according to Beckett on line.


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      if you can get $300-$350 for it grab the $ and run- they are pretty common sets--


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        Yes, I am seeing and hearing the $500 range more than I am the $700 in the VHC price guide. Perhaps Bobby can chime in with his thoughts on how he got that figure? If it is $400-500 that's fine, but I use the book constantly for pricing when buying and selling so I'd like to know how accurate it is. I picked up two of these sets and have one left to move. Thanks.


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          bobby's book bang on with items in retail and collector pricing- in some cases the wholesale market between dealers/collectors and liquidators are lower- all comes down to availabilty and how easily you can buy the item---

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        It is worth what someone will pay you


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          The value of an item is always a question of offer, demand, rarity and condition. Price guides are a good indication of value, but as the name says they are just there to guide us...


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            On the first page of my book it is stated:
            "This price guide is only to be used as a guideline to better help collectors determine a fair value on an item. We respect that sometimes items based on rarity, condition and timing, can and will sell for more or less than is what is stated within, please use your own discretion.

            I will also make an Addendum regarding different Teams:
            Although prices on some items are the same across the whole set, however, some teams tend to command more than others.

            The Internet is out there, so check past results, sometimes things get hot for 6 months then they get cold for 6 months, remember the book is now 2 years old and things change quite quickly in this day and age.

            Camero69 - good point and I think we had this discussion about card sets, the individual values are greater compared to the set prices, so Beckett has it at $607 individually and set price is $700 the VHC probably the highest valued price you would pay in NM.

            Larry is also right on target, prices vary greatly between dealers/collectors and liquidators etc,
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            • HowieMorenz7
              HowieMorenz7 commented
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              Thanks to Bobby we have a guide. That is a valuable resource we all refer too.

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            I don't think that asking an author of a price guide to justify or explain the price point of a specific item is a reasonable expectation to be honest.


            • mase17
              mase17 commented
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              Personally, I don't give a rats ass what you think.

            • woodenstickera
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              The ass belongs to the rat so it is "rat's ass."

            • HowieMorenz7
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              Hey mase17- keep your rude comments to yourself. This is a friendly forum. Seek help elsewhere if you can’t handle it.

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            Interesting thread. You start by asking about one of the most common and easy to find items in the hobby, question the replies and then say you dont care about comments.


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              Bobby doesnt need me to speak for him but here is my explanation of book values for sets.
              Beckett, which was the be all and end all before the internet, was built from input by dealers. It spent decades telling collectors that something like a 1959 Parkhurst set will cost you $3200 to put together, card by card, and when youre done, the set is worth $1900. OK. Sure
              The dealer would buy your sets based on the low set price and break it up to sell at the high break up value.
              VHC was put together with more balanced input from collectors and dealers. If you were to only look at VHC and beckett values, maybe you would be puzzled by some. If you are an active collector it didnt really surprise you. There were a bunch of cards that had true values way higher or way lower than book. This was somewhat corrected, almost impossible to be 100% accurate in todays fast moving market of auctions and Ebay.
              Set values were based on a simple formula. 1+2+3=6 not 4

              Sometimes the proof is in the follow up actions. One of these two publications had wholesale changes to values and information they were selling, all based on market input and evaluation Im sure. Maybe its better not to try to be a one stop shop trying to be all things to all people. Maybe just stick to what you do well and the reason people run to their local shops to buy your product on a steady basis. Maybe just stick to the treat of the week.

              Price guides are just that, guides. This is just my guide to anyone looking for a guide


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                As you said, you wouldn't give a rat's ass, mase17, but you seem to have gall to spare as an alternative. To be fair, there may not be a guide that includes rat asses in it (C'mon Bobby, why weren't they in your price guide), so you wouldn't know the value of them.


                • Bobbyvhc
                  Bobbyvhc commented
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                  Rat Fink is all I know for those issues and they didn't make the guide either.