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  • Forum Outage

    Sorry about the technical difficulties over the weekend folks. Everything should be back to normal.

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    • Bobbyvhc
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      Hip Hip....

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    I was reminded how how important this board is to the vintage hockey collector.... I'm very happy that it's back to normal....


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      Glad to hear all is well again...


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        Is the site based out of Canada?
        Everything deserves a break over Thanksgiving.

        It is a good reminder - Thanks Jim for the effort you put into this.


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          I survived a 2 week trip without looking at the forum. Glad to know I'm not that hooked !
          Keep up the good work Jim and thanks for experiencing the bug while I was away ;-)


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            ok so i wasn't banned Whew!
            thanks for all the work you put into this Jim
            good to have it up and running again


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              It was funny--I was emailing Jim about some cards I was about to buy from him. Then I go to the forum and it says that my account has been suspended!

              Glad to see the forum back up now!


              • Billyberu
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                Earl, Offer a little low was it.....

              • strohman
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                Yeah, those dealers can get a little testy over a low offer!

                Great response! Ha!

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              This forum is a great avenue to share our collections and ask for advice and recommendations. Except for shows, this is a 24hrs / 365 day bulletin board where us sports "nerds" can discuss our collecting passion. I know for myself, I do not have alot of places to do this at ( wifey could not care less about the black stripe variation on the 1970-71 OPC cards! ). On top of being a nice guy, Jim maintains this site, on his own time, for all of us to enjoy. Although, only, maybe 25 of us comment on here, I am thinking maybe several, several dozens more read the posts and do not comment. All this to say this forum is important for me ( not to say us ). Nothing is free now a day. I am thinking that Jim pays for the hosting of this place. I appreciate that there is no adds popping up everytime I click a new page. I would certainly be ready to help out with any costs....


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                Originally posted by HockeyCollect View Post
                Although, only, maybe 25 of us comment on here, I am thinking maybe several, several dozens more read the posts and do not comment. All this to say this forum is important for me ( not to say us ).
                The above quote actually got me thinking about something. Over a thousand people attend the Expo held here in Toronto, and yet only around 20 of us post on here! Is this website mentioned in the show magazine and on the Expo website? If not, then I think it would be a great idea.


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                  A reference to the forum is in my advertisement within the Expo magazine, although small, I am sure people have seen it.... Not on the website though. Click image for larger version

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                  • HockeyCollect
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                    I saw it. Thank you Bobby. Good article also!

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                  I can't imagine how someone could go to the Expo in search of old hockey cards and not want to spend some time on a place like this!


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                    Not sure if I've ever shared the numbers before, this is where we're at:

                    -Just under a thousand members. Real people, I check out every ip address and email to verify. I'm sure some people that sign up wonder why it takes so long to get approved to post and get into the bst. It's because some weeks I have to go through hundreds of sign ups to find the two real people. There's a bunch of members that only signed up to ask a question about something they found at a garage sale but I do sit down every few months and delete anyone that hasn't visited in a while.

                    - Over 3000 unique visitors a month. 85-90 percent on average from Canada and the US, rest I imagine are spam bots because of their locations. Actually surprised the bot percentage isn't higher.

                    - We average around 400 visits a day and just under 10000 page views..

                    That's probably not bad for a site that has grown by word of mouth or just collectors coming across it from a google search

                    Before moving the site to this platform, we were on top of almost every vintage hockey related search, now i don't think we are. That is probably my fault, I should figure all of that out.

                    As far as putting ads in expo magazine or anywhere else, this is not an income generating site, so our marketing budget is a round number, 0. Bobby was nice enough to put a half page ad in his latest book and I believe he also may have used some of his personal ad space in the expo magazine a few times. Memory is a little fuzzy lately.

                    We have our moments but have never had a ton of posting activity. I can tell you that at every show I go to across the country, a handful of people stop by every day to say hello and let me know that they read the forum on a regular basis, this does not include the people I know. Most though say that they are not signed up.

                    Happy to answer any other questions

                    BTW --- Puck_That , you are famous across the country


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                      Jim - we know this takes up some of your free time, but are you out of pocket with this site? Can we help out?


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                        THANKYOU FOR THE HARD WORK DONE TO HAVE THE FORUM FOR US BIG HUG ((((((((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))))) ))))))