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Phone call from my bank today...

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  • Phone call from my bank today...

    Earlier this week I agreed to buy a couple of cards from Jim. I sent him the payment thru PayPal and he sent the package a day later. Today I get a call from my bank, but I was at work so he left a message that he needed to speak to me to confirm a charge on my account. I called him back as soon as I had a moment and he tells me that there was a large amount of money being sent out of the country and he wanted to make sure that it was a legitimate transaction. I asked where it was going and he tells me the amount and says, "It's going to Canada." I almost started laughing and told him that it was a totally valid transaction. He said, "We just like to confirm anytime a larger amount of money is being sent outside the country, just to make sure that you authorized the transaction." I thanked him and assured him once again that this was totally legit.

    I understand them being suspicious if the money was going to Nigeria or China, but Canada???

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    I work in Banking Fraud, there's quite a bit of fraud involving transfers that go to Canada, unfortunately. A lot of scams.


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      Scammers are everywhere


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        I didn't do it


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          I'm in IT, and security. We have noticed an increasingly large amount of phishing expeditions, via phone, email, and even text. Anything from Revenue Canada, fake emails and texts from supposedly legitimate banks, and even parking tickets. I'm skeptical when you get a phone call, no matter what. A gut who works for me (he should have known better) had his identity taken while selling a car on Kijiji.

          Be careful, and read up on how to spot fake links, such as connecting to (there is no "S" as the end of the valid link). Hover over the link before responding, although the best rule of thumb is to not click on anything that does not look right.