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Mystery Box-Add On!!! Shocking Contents!!

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  • Mystery Box-Add On!!! Shocking Contents!!

    I did a deal a few weeks ago and the guy I was working with wanted to throw in a "Mystery Box" to "prop up" the deal ( He valued it at well over $1500 and we sawed it off at a lot less). Well at the time he couldn't find were he had put it amongst all his stuff as he had just moved a month or so before. He told me that I would not be disappointed as it was extras and stuff he didn't want and it was just laying around for awhile so I said OK I'll pick it up in a few days. I got busy and two weeks passed and he starts calling me to come pick this box up. I always hesitate when someone suggests to throw in a deal what I call a mystery box as you never know whats in it and most of the time its just average crap at best, but I've done a few deals with him before and it's always been good. While was I surprised at what was in there!!! There was over 50 Beehives from Group 1, 2 and 3..including trophies from Group 3 unfortunately they have tape on them, the other Beehives look great not just average but some $100+ ones. There is between 50-100 Toronto Star with 2 booklets and an envelope, photos all look new ( not sure if there is a full set but wouldn't doubt it). There are probably around 50-1939 1940 OPC cards (V301-1, V301-2 ) various conditions but not trashed I say VG/VG-Ex/Ex. And he comes the interesting part of this box a bunch of Bobby Orr Stuff!! A Finnish Sportscaster Card, a Promo??? Commemorative card ?? from Baybank USA (1995), Cardboard cut-out with auto??facsimile ?? not sure. , a photo of Bobby Orr 31/2 x 6 B&W Auto'd ( on back is stamped Ron & Bobby Orr Clothing & Sporting Goods Parry Sound Ontario( it has tape on it but who cares it doesn't take away from it, an uncut sheet Colgate 1970 with Orr on it, and a booklet " Lucky Mini Book" with Orr and a few other Athletes ( Namath, Spitz etc).

    Shocked doesn't describe what I was thinking when I went through this!!!
    Here is a few scans of the Orr stuff!!
    Knowing my luck next time it'll just be trashed crap but I'll cherish this pick-up of "mystery items" for sure..


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    Any of it for sale?


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      Interested as well if items are for sale.


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        Yes some items are for sale.Just contact me



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          Thanks DD,
          I sent you a private message with my email address. If you could send some scans to the provided email address that would be great.


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            Do you have the Elmar Lach Rookie from the 1940-41 OPC set? He is number 125.


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              Please send scans and prices for your Bobby Orr items to Haven't heard back from you yet. Cheers!