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1986 OPC "Blueless"

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  • 1986 OPC "Blueless"

    Anybody ever seen this before? I picked up this 2nd year OPC Lemieux from PWCC last night. Thought it would make a cool addition to my Lemieux collection. The back has no colour, missing the blue ink.

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      Nice find, as a printer for 30 years + I'm pretty sure UV inks and coatings were used for most printing in it's unlikely that the ink disappeared from exposure to sunlight..Looks like a press room issue. Some way or another, the sheets were likely stacked on a skid of "approved sheets" Looks like the, cyan ink fountain ran out of ink during the printing..Likely ran less than a few hundred sheets (could alot less) before the pressmen noticed the cyan ink fountain was dry...At that point, the sheets had been removed from the press by forklift, and were already at the point of trimming, so they "let it go"...Bottom line, that card was likely run on a midnight shift, or a shift changeover....The crew was likely napping...But it is still a rare card, it is very unlikely 1000's of sheet's passed through the press before the error was caught...I would think less than 50 or so sheets snuck through before the cyan ink was refilled

      Curious, Did PSA note it as an error card "missing cyan on back"

      Still a very nice card, and a scarce find...well done!!!


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        Thanks for the info SmallPaul2002. Very interesting stuff! Real curious now if anyone else has seen 1986 OPC cards missing the cyan ink on the back.

        There was no note of the missing ink by PSA. Just a conventional PSA 9 designation.