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So when do we stop making excuses for PSA

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  • So when do we stop making excuses for PSA

    I have been following this site for a quite a few years.Seems like every time a grading situation comes along that is questionable.
    The collectors here usually have two opinions. First being that KSA are not worth the holders they place their cards in. And secondly
    if it is a PSA blunder then that is OK because they are the best we got.Well I only agree with that if you are selling and profit is your
    only motivation in this hobby. But when they mess up then I think they need to be held to the same accountability as any of the grading
    companies. I have been helping a friend with his 62-63 Parkhurst set.He has been trying to get everything in a grade of at least 7 and
    will certainly take higher if it does not cost him an arm and a leg. So his last upgrade is his George Armstrong card.So I see this PSA 8
    on the bay and the price was very reasonable. So in the short term I was interested in the card.Until I really look at it.Please take a look
    at the card.No qualifiers what so ever.Well off center and a pen mark on the top of the card.So for all you PSA endorsers is that really a
    PSA-8 .If so I am so glad I keep my little bit of grading money here in Canada with KSA.

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    This is a very silly post in so many ways. Out of all the cards that you could point out that can be considered over graded, this is an odd one to get upset about.

    1- From here that looks like a print mark.

    2- How's this for accountability? Collector buys a card for $5000 or $10000 or $100000, you pick the number. Collector receives card and feels it is over graded or altered. Collector calls psa to let them know one of their graders may have messed up, sends the card back to psa. Psa will take another look, if they agree that said card was assigned the wrong grade they will assign a new grade and send a cheque for the difference in value.
    Enough accountability for you?

    3- You can spend your money any way that you like, it's your money and your cards.


    • HowieMorenz7
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      I totally agree with Jim

    • strohman
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      It always cracks me up when Jim gets irritated and calls Bullshit on something stupid that was posted!

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    If you want cards graded that PSA rejects as trimmed, altered, or any other reason, send it to KSA, it will probably come back an 8 or higher.... I don't understand people who want to waste their money on KSA, but as was already said, it's your money burn it if you want to.


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      Well off center? I think it meets the PSA8 specs. For the mark it's not clear but it could be on the holder or a print mark as Jim mentionned.

      ​No grading company is perfect, but out of all, PSA is the best, the most consistent, the most reliable, the one that brings the best results and the one the has smallest % of major mistakes.

      ​But then again, we are all free to choose our grading company (PSA, SGC, KSA, CSA...) or simply collect raw cards!


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        It looks like a standard NM-MT 8 card to me.


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          KSA is great if you want your cards to slide around in the holders, or if you want to pass off an ex-mt card as mint.

          Agree with the rest, that Armstrong looks like a solid 8 to me too from a centering perspective. If that is in fact a pen mark, then they missed it somehow. If its a print mark, still looks an 8 to me.


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            I agree. It just wasn't worth starting a thread over this card. Furthermore, the scan is not a good one either.


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	1960_Topps_NLalonde.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	67.8 KB
ID:	4886 This is a nice pen mark, bottom right corner.


              • bossef
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                Could be a 10 requested without qualifier? That will make a 8...

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              I didn't even notice that pen mark until you pointed it out. They definitely missed that one

              I was expecting a lot more of a mark in the first card. I can't really tell if it's a pen mark or not. I don't see any major centering problems either.

              I have owned cards from most grading companies and PSA is the best overall. I do agree that PSA needs to be held accountable when they mess up, but that doesn't mean they are so bad that we should just abandon them.