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  • Jacques Plante auto

    I don't collect a lot of autographs, but I do have a few pucks and photos that I have picked up over the years. A guy I met many years ago is selling off some of his collection and he has a framed photo montage of Jacques Plante with an autographed photo of Plante when he played for the Leafs. The photo seems to be one that was used for a lot of autos and I have seen it on eBay multiple times in the past. (By the way, the autograph has been authenticated by JSA.)

    I'm not sure about the typical price for a Plante auto. Does anyone have any info on recent sales of Plante autographs from any of the auctions houses? Unfortunately, my friend just saw an Upper Deck card with a Plante cut auto that's listed for over $2000 on eBay. He pointed it out to me and was thinking that was a fair price, but there is also the same black and white autographed pic of Planted in his Leafs uniform listed for $449. The only difference is that the pic on eBay has been personalized bu the one that my friend has just has the auto.

    So, what's a fair price for a Plante auto?

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    Several of those have sold in Classic and the prices were 180, 200, 530, and 220. Not too hard of an auto to find.

    Hope that helps!


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      A nice Plante auto postcard or photo is Worth 300-500$ average.
      ​If it's an original phot with a stamp it's better than one reproduced hundreds of times.
      Since it's a Leafs, it's a late 60's piece not an early one, but he wasn't there very long.
      ​A piece that is not personalized will appeal to more collectors and sell higher.


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        Thanks for the info. That helps a lot! I'll let you know if I actually buy the piece or not. Just depends on what he's willing to sell it for.


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          $300-$350 US for auto on a card