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C55 Vezina has been dethroned! .. new king of prewar hockey is.. the V145-1 Morenz!.

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  • C55 Vezina has been dethroned! .. new king of prewar hockey is.. the V145-1 Morenz!.

    continued from another post...(thanks to PUCK_That)

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    Lets see if his other cards start creeping up


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      Sorry, but it's not. The most recognizable and valuable pre-war card is the C55 Vezina. If anyone wants to bet that one of the top graded C55 Vezina's wouldn't sell for more than a top graded Morenz, I'll take that bet with you. (eg Vezina in 8+ > Morenz in 6)

      Sure, it sells for more in the same grade. But cards like the Corbeau sell for more in the same grade than the Morenz. (eg Corbeau in 2 > Morenz in 2).

      So, either way you look at it the king is not dead, as they say. Maybe some people like the narrative, but until I see Morenz sell for more than any other card in the same grade or sell at an absolute amount greater than any other card, it is not the premier pre-war card.

      As an aside, the king of pre-war cards in baseball (Wagner) and football (Nagurski) are both short prints.


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        You have to compare apples to apples. You can't try to compare what is currently the highest graded of each card and I don't even like to compare different grading companies. All you are doing is pointing out cards that have sold for more.
        You just saw the morenz sell for 4 times a vezina in the same grade. You seem to be stuck on the corbeau so I will say this on the record, If a corbeau came to auction, with no "interference", I think you would be scratching your head at the final price, especially if collectors that already own one decide not to participate.

        The Honus Wagner card is legendary and one of the few cards that non collectors recognize but the undisputed king of pre war baseball is Babe Ruth, even if he doesn't have a card as high value as the t206 wagner. Atleast for me.


        • gomaz
          gomaz commented
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          Me too Jim. Babe Ruth is the #1 collectible pre-war player in the hobby. Ahead of Wagner, Cobb, Matthewson, Gehrig etc.

          In hockey, the Corbeau is irrelevant to me. Will likely never have one firstly because I have no desire to have a card of a guy who is common status and secondly because it is so rare. His relevance to the sport is negligible compared to other SP'd pre-war key cards like the Wagner and Nagurski, both HOFers.

          Also, it is too early to tell if the Morenz has supplanted the Vezina as the "king" of pre-war cards. It may have. We can't know yet, it only happened last night. I wish I had the ability to foresee the future like puck_that and Anish seem to be able to do (tongue in cheek fellas). And consider how weak of a 5 that copy is leaves room for much higher prices for other 5's, nevermind higher graded copies.

          For me personally and how I approach the hobby and building my collection, The Vezina and Morenz are 1 and 1a in terms of importance. But I'll tell ya, today I favor my PSA 3 Morenz higher than my PSA 5 Vezina.

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        Gentlemen, I think we first must come up with a list of criteria as to what makes any card "the best." I have decided to choose the T206 Wagner in order to create this list. Once we come up with some criteria, we can then apply it to the Bert Corbeau card. Here goes:

        T206 Honus Wagner:

        - This card is rare.
        - This is the most expensive baseball card.
        - He was the best player on his team.
        - He is in the HOF.
        - Baseball fans know who he was.

        Okay. We now have a small list above to work with. Let us apply this criteria to the Corbeau card:

        - This card is rare (YES)
        - This is the most expensive hockey card (NO)
        - He was the best player on his team (NO)
        - He is in the HOF (NO)
        - Hockey fans know who he was (NO)

        This list clearly shows that the Corbeau card cannot be the "pound-for-pound king."

        Last edited by Puck_That; 05-23-2017, 11:29 AM. Reason: Added some more criteria


        • prewar_collector
          prewar_collector commented
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          Agreed with you. i owned a v145-1 corbeau and each time people ask to me : hey what is your best card
          when i said corbeau nobody care about it or know who he is...

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        Well said Puck_That !


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          My 2 cents, well the 2 cents of Joe Orlando...

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            I think he like Vezina and got the wrong picture of howe! lol


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              i agreed. I don't think the 54 topps howe is in the top list. Its a verry cool card but ....
              The image of hockey card is the gretzky rookie. And in the baseball yes the wagner is probably the most important card at same level of the 52 topps mantle.
              but for the prewar for the value in same grade i also think now the morenz will bring more money than the vezina.
              Last edited by prewar_collector; 05-23-2017, 02:01 PM.