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Problems being an eBay seller

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  • Problems being an eBay seller

    I am so PO'd that I had to share this with the group since I know many of us buy and sell cards there outside of myself.

    I have just got off the phone with ebay this morning as they notified me yesterday that they have placed restrictions on my account. I was informed that my account was deemed to be associated with another users’ account who has had restrictions due to issues (they wouldn't give me details) recently. There is only 3 links between us that I was able to uncover –
    1. I sold something (Malkin patch card from 2011) to this user back in 2013,
    2. they live in the same city I do
    3. I found out from the ebay CSR that apparently my email address was being tied to their account's paypal information.
    They checked to make sure there was no fraud on my end and found that IP address log-ins are consistently independent of each other (they could easily tell that distance wasn’t an issue since I always log in from a few repeat areas like anyone else would and this other user did the same too). Selling something 3 years ago was interesting to them, but not overly important. The email remained the largest issue and why they couldn't remove the restriction on the phone. Which made no sense to me because I had done nothing wrong. Basically they could say that everything on my end suggests that I am honest and not involved with this other use or fraud or anything, but ultimately they also couldn't prove it completely either so that is that. Anytime I challenged this I was told "we need to take appropriate measures to protect buyers" and that it would be just for 90 days and if things check out, you can contact us to lift the restrictions. So in essence, despite being a good, honest, long time seller, I am being told I am guilty and I have to beg them to re-instate the 3 months. Which boggles my mind because they can suddenly automatically place restrictions, but can't automatically remove them? Then I was fed the usual garbage of you don't sell enough anyway to really affect you, it’s only 3 months, blah blah blah. The funny part is that they informed me that you can contact them and have your limits raised generally anytime depending on certain qualifications which is something I didn’t know and doesn’t appear to be communicated much. When I threaten to simply leave and sell on other sites, they say they are disappointed, but that it is my decision – they gave me the impression as if they really didn't care if I left or not. Worst part is that there appears to be no appeal, no recourse - your guilty by some loose association so take your punishment. It’s complete BS. I get protecting buyers to which I think that is important too (I buy for my collection all the time), but it feels like there is no seller protection anymore and no recourse for occasions when they feel your guilty.

    So I am forced to endure this restriction (20 listings/1200 CAD a month) for the next 3 months and I likely will transition to selling in other places where I won’t get railroaded as a seller – Kijiji, Craigslist, Amazon, this fourm or anywhere else I can find. Since I have been starting to list some more vintage cards I am going to be completely screwed with these limits. So hopefully that gives everyone a bit of a warning and a reminder to stay vigilant.
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    A raw deal. After reviewing the circumstances, any reasonable company or person would see no connection on your part. For them to be inflexible on this, reflects very poorly on them. Shameful behavior from eBay.


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      Disgusting. That's why so many of us encourage folks to use the buy/sell section here as much as possible. I have bought and sold several items here and have never had the slightest issue. And here we save a bundle on fees - sellers can charge less and buyers can pay less. So, let's start listing more on the buy/sell section here. And let's check it often to see others wears!


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        To update everyone - Talked to them a few times now and no luck. Seems like no one on eBay's side wants to touch this one. I guess I am waiting the 90 days.

        In the meantime, hart brings on a good point about the buy/sell section. I definitely intend on posting as I have a few vintage items of my own I am looking to put up as well as a few items my grandfather asked me to sell for him (he is not computer literate with a big "N"!) from his collection. I keep saying "I'll do it tomorrow" but between work and mid terms on my courses next week, I just can't seem to find that elusive "tomorrow"!


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          Not sure what's going on with eBay or if it's my computer but I have to sign in all the time now to go to My Ebay,
          Also when I press the relist option in the sellers SOLD section it comes up blank when you press relist.
          Oh brother.


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            I've said it before on this forum, and I'll say it again. That's what happens when you outsource the development and coding of your applications to people in other countries. Service always goes down, as does the quality of your product.

            There are all sorts of postings on the web from ex-eBay systems people and developers, always talking about how the system is barely hanging together, and really needs a complete redevelopment. Many strange things happen on eBay all the time; lost want and watch lists just to name a couple.


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              Basically I have had it with EBAY, and really don't even bother buying or selling there. Add to that the Paypal issue with holding funds for up to 10 days after payment has been paid. There really is no real reason for treating sellers the way they do, personally I cannot be bothered wasting my time there. I agree I always look here at the BUY/SELL section to see whats available. I have never had an issue with buying/selling through this site.


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