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corbeau at auction on ebay

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    gtmc88 don t know what do you want i comment. if you want to ask a question to me please ask it directly.

    the card is not mine since couple month. I also think everything was said. the buyer got bargains on it and will do profit on it and i am happy for him. i received 25 000 $ magic the gathering card( BGS 9 alpha black lotus ) for this corbeau . If my friend Traposse want to do your shilling bid theorie he will bid far morrreeee than the final bid..... he made a big loossse on this card. And like we talked traposse and me yesterday he will be verry happy if the winner didn t pay for this card because he are not happy with the final bid.

    Before my friend put the card for sale he asked to me some advice. i made my recomandation and my first recommandation was to go with PWCC auction on eBay to have the best price for the card because the card is a special card.

    if you have more question feel free to ask
    congrats to the winner
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    • gtmc88
      gtmc88 commented
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      Where did any of my comments have any mentions of shill bidding. I only was asking your thoughts, as you were the only one who had not yet given any feedback since the end of the auction. You started the discussion from the beginning.
      Stop while your ahead , your embarrassing yourself.

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    it is easy .

    this morning i see here comment by habspuck about shilling bid about a US user of a feedback (1). The first person talked about shill bid was habspuck and i only want to clarify that.

    You perhaps didn t see this part of this discution this morning. after that me and habspuck talked about that and he removed his comment. i think you talked about that.

    ​i started this thread on the request of my friend since i don t write here since months....


    if you want my comments on the final price just ask it corectly : the buyer got a bargains. i wish i was the winner at this price.... i am happy for the us buyer he will do profit.


    • Kbarney
      Kbarney commented
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      I understand what you are saying and thanks for bringing the auction to my attention.

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    I'm going to stop commenting on this .
    I have no idea what your saying. Nore do I care.


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      Yep . Now you know my opinion on this sale. Congrats to the buyer. Thanks


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        Shill bidding or not.....a buyer should only bid what they are willing to pay period. If there bid is enough congrats....if not await the next opportunity! If someone is shill bidding they are taking a chance of buying the card themselves and paying 7- 10% fees or more depending on there rating (if selling on eBay). Auction is another story! Not a wise idea in my books.


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          Perhaps this card is not worth what everyone has thought. The Mile High example allegedly sold at $39,000 and now this example sold for less then $15K.


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            Are you saying that $39k is low for a 1 that should technically have a qualifier? I thought that was a good price.


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              $15,000 for an altered example in an AUTH psa holder- id say card still has alot of value---------------
              as for the MILE HIGH one "allegedly selling"-----------
              heres consigners statement-
              Lot Number Title Current Bid Commission Selling
              1268 1923 V145-1 Paterson #25 Bert Corbeau PSA 1 PR $32,199.00 $0.00 SOLD


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                For those who were skeptical about this card value: