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1971-72 OPC Team Logos

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  • 1971-72 OPC Team Logos

    What difference if any is there between the 1971-72 OPC Team Logos and the 1972-73 OPC Team Logos.Thank you.

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    I do not believe there is any visual differences.But I could be wrong.The 72-73 set does have a lot more logos
    because of the addition of the WHA teams.Now the 73-74 set is certainly different visually.They have writing on them.


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      This has been a topic before with no real proof but some logo's have a purple tinge and others are more blue. If you have more than one example of each put them side by side. ie. Montreal. I believe this is an indicator of year. Now do not ask me with one is which? IMO


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        Hard to confirm but here is a difference. Click image for larger version

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          Bust open a couple of 71-72 and 72-73 packs next year

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        I never noticed that before.So I went and checked what few I have.And there is definite a difference in color.I am not sure if that indicates different years or just a printing flaw.But I have 7 that are purple.I only of two that I can compare same to same and that is Vancouver.And I always wondered why one was so different than the other.The one is purple and the other is blue.But take the Golden Seal one.The one that I have,the "C" inside the white "C" is purple.The Montreal Canadiens one the boarder around the logo is purple,the same goes for the Kings, and Penguins.And Leafs logo I have,even the Leaf is purple.So glad I read more of this thread.


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          Here is my synopsis from investigative work as I have many 71/72 team logos. What I have noticed is the purpleish hue cards have a smoother less grainy cardboard back. When I compare the Islanders and Atlanta logo's they also have a smoother less grainy back. So I am putting it out there that any cards with a purpleish hue are from 72/73. Food for thought...any other opinions.

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            One other thing I noticed is that the 71/72 or blueish tinge cards have a rougher cut on the die typically. Any purpleish cards have seem to have a cleaner die cut. This can maybe help determine the year for the cards without blue contained within them.
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              I have since looked at more 72-73 WHA team crests and determined that the purple/blue tint theory does not hold any merit as I have some new WHA crests that exhibit both these colours or hues. Back to square one. Anyone willing to bust open a 71-72 Series 1 pack?


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                Clearly there are different print runs, doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things anyhow, except there are print colour differences, nuff said.


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                  I agree. Had a collector who was chasing the 71-72 Toronto logo and I tried to set him straight.